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Removable seats for wheelchair?

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oxcat1 Mon 24-Feb-14 13:51:06

I am looking at getting a new car on Motability. Generally it is just two of us, but I am on oxygen and in a wheelchair so we need to have plenty of space to chuck all that stuff in - including a concentrator the size of a small fridge, a rigid wheelchair etc. In addition, do want to be able to take friends and go on holiday, so space for all the usual stuff.

Any suggestions? I looked at the SMax but the back seats aren't removable and there actually isn't that much height in the boot once you've stood the wheelchair on top of the folded back seats.

What cars do others with wheelchairs have? I have both a folded and a rigid chair, and I would like to have the option of chucking the rigid in without having to faff taking the wheels off etc.


lalamumto3 Fri 28-Feb-14 08:54:50

Hi there is a good site called whichmotability car, I think they would be really helpful. I think any where seats go flat to floor would also be good.

I wondered about a galaxy or Sharon

Good luck with your search

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