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Renault Espace 7 seater - Problem accessing rear seats

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Nicole1976 Mon 17-Feb-14 18:09:59

So I'm going taking the family to a wedding tomorrow and there are 7 people I am taking, Me & my husband (in the front seats) my brother and sister in law and my 3yr old daughter (middle 3 seats) and then my sons aged 13 and 15 (back seats)

The problem is the back seats, because the middle seats don't move forward fully they are hard to access , my 15 year old (who is a skinny beanpole) is happy to sit in the back seats and can get in easily. But my 13 year old however has a problem because we discovered today that no matter how hard he tried he couldn't get his (considerably fatter) body through the gap to the back seat.

I can't think of any other seating arrangement that will work and the seats will not move any further forward.

Anybody got any Idea how to solve this problem ?

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