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Any recommendations for bumper scrape/scuff repair kit?

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Zara1984 Fri 07-Feb-14 17:53:44

Does anyone have any recommendations for a bumper scrape/scuff repair kit for a plastic bumper? Eg one you can buy online or on eBay.

Today in addition to getting pulled over by the police by driving in the bus lane I scraped/scuffed my front bumper (plastic, obv) on a friend's iron gate. fecking narrow driveway Reasonably large, one scrape is about A5 page in size and the lower one is about the size of a small ruler. Some moderate (not deep) gouging of the plastic.

I know probably we will have to buff with a sander etc.

Biggest driving fail day ever! Argh! Would like to have some suggestions for DH on how we can repair it ourselves so he doesn't get too snippy with me...

Was thinking of getting a repair kit/researching how to do it and then when we have a sunny/dry weekend I'll offer to do it myself!

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