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Does anyone have a newish mini?

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mckenzie Thu 06-Feb-14 21:26:13

When you press on the brake so that you can select to move out of park and into drive or reverse, does the car make a slight clicking noise? Coming from the gear selector stick area.


mckenzie Fri 07-Feb-14 08:05:58


WMittens Sat 08-Feb-14 12:24:12

It's a feature on several (maybe many or all) automatic gearboxes to prevent you moving out of Park without either the foot brake or parking brake engaged.

Yes it's normal and working as intended.

mckenzie Sat 08-Feb-14 16:47:28

Thanks wmittens. I'm absolutely convinced though that it was never audible until the car went in to the garage for some work on the air con/fan. The technician who worked on my car says that's impossible and I've just never noticed it before (I've had the car since last August).
My husband drove the car today and he noticed it too.
Strange huh?

WMittens Sun 09-Feb-14 18:35:35


If the car was having some work on air con and the mechanic left it switched off when he'd finished, and you normally leave the fan at a medium to high speed, then it's perfectly plausible that you've never noticed the click, but did hear it with the fan switched off. Now you know it's there, it's surprising you hear it every time (especially as it has concerned you).

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