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buying car from car giant 2010 plate - shall I buy warranty for 800 pounds for 3 years?

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goodbook200 Wed 05-Feb-14 11:14:14

buying 7 seater from car giant shall I buy warranty for 800 pounds for 3 years?

Starballbunny Wed 05-Feb-14 11:17:31

No, tell them to give you one year's warranty free.

Modern cars start going wrong in 8 more normally 10 years, ie nicely after a three year warranty has run out.

goodbook200 Wed 05-Feb-14 11:25:46

the car giant do not give warranties for 1 year free. for 1 year it is £450...

Only1scoop Wed 05-Feb-14 11:28:57

Check what is included....Google other warranties you can buy it doesn't have to come from them.
3 yrs is quite a long term for a used car....

missmagnum Wed 05-Feb-14 11:37:10

Be very careful buying any car warranties. Its very hard to claim anything and they rarely pay out, we got stung by it. Gear box went two weeks after buying the car, warranty company wanted us to fork out £800 to take it apart, test etc but no guarantee they would then payout if it was due to a certain tiny part. Thankfully the garage we got it from sorted it out in the end. Do lots of research on Google before buying one, perhaps some are better than others.

Bartman Wed 05-Feb-14 12:56:16

Be careful with these aftermarket warranties as has been said. Obviously you have rights under SOGA. Might be worth contacting the manufacturer and asking about extended warranties.

WMittens Wed 05-Feb-14 13:07:06

It sounds excessive; try Warranty Direct and see how it compares. A quick quote on a 2008 diesel Galaxy gives �340 for one year, �560 for two years.

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