ford fiesta or seat ibiza???

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milkysmum Thu 16-Jan-14 21:25:07

Looking at leasing a new car through work. We are a family of 4. 2dc's one age 5 years the other age 2 years. I am looking to get something small (ish) but with enough room to not have us all to cramped- would like a good size boot, cheap to fuel etc.. have been drawn towards the fiesta and the ibiza but wondered what people thought? Have you any expereince of driving these or anyone got any other suggestions that would be most welcome- thanks.

matty96 Tue 10-Jun-14 17:36:01

Sat in both a Seat Ibiza and Ford Fiesta. They are both amazing cars, personally I would say the best super minis for fun. Ford Fiesta and Seat Ibiza both have quality issues in the interior, none feel as good build as a VW Polo. Both Ibiza and Fiesta have near enough same handling which is one of the best around in both cars. Be wary though some seats especially sport versions with bigger wheels will effect ride quality. Even though the seat some people say is cheapy I still feel that's wrong everything feels well built and sturdy. I actually found the front of the Ibiza more spacious than the Fiesta and I preferred it. Overall not much in it, even though the Ibiza doesn't have the best reliability it was out done in the driver power survey by the Fiesta. However the seat is a breath of fresh air, after all how many Fiestas do we see on the road? A load!! Ibiza is great cracking car and i would pick it over the Fiesta personally.

WMittens Wed 26-Mar-14 07:55:29

On the Fiesta have a look at the ecoboost petrol engines. They are new technology and are only a 1.0 engine but with power of a larger engine.

They also do 1.6 Ecoboost (as well as 2.0, 2.5 and 3.7, but obviously not on a Fiesta).

WMittens Wed 26-Mar-14 07:53:42

I have in my head smaller engine cheaper to run?

Broadly speaking yes, but by no means a definite rule; it depends on layout, design and aspiration of engine.

bigdog888 Tue 25-Mar-14 08:14:54

A 1.6 Ibiza will go like a rocket

Are you joking? It's hideously slow!

naughtybrenda Mon 24-Mar-14 14:20:36

Excellent. Thanks! I will look into that.

PrincessOfChina Mon 24-Mar-14 14:13:42

*Naughty" We have a Britax seat - a Duo Plus which was <�100 (I can't remember exactly) and uses the Isofix.

naughtybrenda Mon 24-Mar-14 14:11:01

I have an Ibiza and I am struggling to find a reasonably priced front facing carseat to fit it. I have been quoted £180plus from halfords today.

Does anyone know any brands that would fit?

WildThong Sun 19-Jan-14 14:21:43

I recently bought an Ibiza (FR). I also test drove the Fiesta as a direct comparison. The Fiesta drove well but I felt the interior was a bit flimsier and cramped. In saying that, I can also recommend the Seat Assist cover which comes with new cars, as the Ibiza developed a major fault after only a few weeks which meant the full turbo needed replaced. The Seat customer service was first class with a hire car delivered to my door the same day and the repair was carried out and my car returned to me within 10 days. Worth considering especially with young dc.

FoxtrotOscarBackToEconomy Sun 19-Jan-14 14:10:10

I'm struggling to choose between a Fiesta and a Polo! (Not considered Ibiza)

You are making life difficult adding a third car in to the choice!

On the Fiesta have a look at the ecoboost petrol engines. They are new technology and are only a 1.0 engine but with power of a larger engine. So I'm comparing the 1.0 ecoboost 100 on the Fiesta with the 1.4 Polo for about the same power.

If you are going for Diesel engine check if it has a particle filter. If so you need to do mostly long journeys so it gets cleared. Predominantly short trips will bugger it up and land you (or your employers car lessor depending on how your scheme works) with a big bill. Diesels are more expensive to buy and service, but that may not be an issue for your car lease set up.

Mehrida Sat 18-Jan-14 20:49:39

A 1.6 Ibiza will go like a rocket.


Amateurish Sat 18-Jan-14 19:57:29

Yes, very efficient. You should get 60mpg.

milkysmum Sat 18-Jan-14 19:32:24

thanks amatutrish I hadnt yet thought what size engine to go for. is the 1.6 still cheap to fuel? I have in my head smaller engine cheaper to run?

Amateurish Sat 18-Jan-14 19:27:49

I rate the Ibiza, but preferred the interior of the Polo. They are effectively the same car, so there should be no real difference size wise. In fact, I think I could get a rear facing child seat into the Polo, but not the Ibiza...

If going for the Ibiza, do not get the older petrol engines (1.2 70PS or 1.4 85PS). They are really old tech, and underpowered. The petrol TSI engines, or the diesel 1.6 TDI are the ones to go for.

At 10k miles, I would recommend petrol engines. They will also save you money on company car tax.

milkysmum Sat 18-Jan-14 19:19:52

jusy been to look round some car garages. I still really love the look of the ibiza and the boot space for a small car seemed great. dh now throwing another into the mix and likes the vw polo but I think it seemed quite a bit smaller than the ibiza?

GirlWithTheDirtyShirt Fri 17-Jan-14 21:59:27

We have an Ibiza and love it. We've had it from new, so about 4 years now. We also considered a Fiesta bit price wise it was expensive for a smaller car.

StarsAboveYou Fri 17-Jan-14 21:57:08

I had a petrol Ibiza and now have a diesel polo.

I'm a diesel convert!

It will do almost twice as many miles per tank as the Ibiza for not much more money.

I do a lot of mway driving though so this may be why.

I do agree about legroom in the front of the ibiza with a rear facing seat in the back but unless you use an extended rear facing seat then this shouldn't be a problem?

I was also lucky that we used DH car most of the time when out as a family so the legroom issue actually wasn't a big deal for us.

BellaVita Fri 17-Jan-14 19:23:52

Mine are teens now (17 and 14), but I got my first Ibiza when they were at primary.

The only thing I changed this time around was going to a 5 door so that whichever one of them sat in the back, they could get out a lot more easily.

VivaLeBeaver Fri 17-Jan-14 19:06:32

I read that you need to do 16,000 miles a year to make a diesel worth it.

milkysmum Fri 17-Jan-14 18:26:55

im probably averaging about 10000 miles a year- would a diesal still be the one to go for?

Diesel will save you £££. My fuel bill has gone down 40% a month since I changed my 1.2 petrol Polo for a diesel 1.4 Fiesta. (I commute quite a distance so the saving is appreciable)

Haven't driven an Ibiza so can't compare, but my Polo was getting old and had quite a bit wrong with it - the Fiesta is great (5 years newer though!)

Parts for either should be cheap enough as they are common cars.

milkysmum Fri 17-Jan-14 18:21:47

no idea viva- never heard of a quick clear windscreen?

VivaLeBeaver Fri 17-Jan-14 18:19:11

Do fiestas have the quick clear windscreen? My ford fusion does and I'd never have a car without it now!

milkysmum Fri 17-Jan-14 18:13:27

thanks. great to hear from someone with similar age kids too! going to have a look at some tomorow and arrange a test drive

FrillyMilly Fri 17-Jan-14 18:04:22

I've got an ibiza and I love it. Kids are 5 and 3 and seem to have enough leg room. Boot is a good size too. Mine is a 1.4 petrol and I average just under 50mpg.

WeAreSix Fri 17-Jan-14 18:04:01

My dad unfortunately had a nasty accident in his Ibiza - it was written off but they walked away uninjured. I'm very impressed at the strength and safety of such a little car!

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