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Mitsubishi Outlander - isofix vs seat belt clip problem

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KazzaL Wed 27-Nov-13 09:04:03

Just bought a 2010 outlander yesterday and spent 3/4hr getting the kids carseats in. My DS are 5 & 7 and both have isofix high back boosters. My problem is this: basically for the seat on the passenger side, the isofix point on the inner side is past the seat belt clip so the seat is then overthe top of the clip & I can't then seat belt DS in. angry Tried using the middle seat belt clip but it doesn’t fit. Any ideas – anyone had this problem before? I can’t believe it hasn’t occurred previously.

Help! & thanks

Rufusstone Thu 10-Jan-19 14:22:50

Just come across this problem. Interested if you found a solution? What a silly design.

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