*Do You All Drive New Cars?*

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djtitmuss Fri 01-Nov-13 11:29:56

My mum said to me (I am a 50 year old man) that mumsnet mums all drive new cars. I said that was rubbish. But you only have What Car reviews...so maybe she is right...??

Handbagsonnhold Sat 16-Nov-13 10:25:02

06 and 53 overe ere ....well built German ones though ��

KatieScarlett2833 Sat 16-Nov-13 10:26:42

My 04 has just passed it's MOT.
Good to go for another year grin

tabulahrasa Sat 16-Nov-13 10:27:34

It was new when I bought it - 5 years ago

member Sat 16-Nov-13 10:27:41

51 plate original focus here - it does well.

Wouldn't buy new because of the depreciation as soon as you drive off the forecourt!

ZombieMonkeyButler Sat 16-Nov-13 10:33:38

V reg, so 13 years old. We also have a second car which is 17 years old.

We've never had a new car. To me, new would be one with the "new" style number plate (AA51 AAA) type rather than the VAAA AAA type grin.

KatieScarlett2833 Sat 16-Nov-13 10:36:45

Mine is a focus too member.
I'm off shortly to collect her from the garage. smile

wonkylegs Sat 16-Nov-13 10:40:40

Mine was a new car when I bought it, it was 8 in Sept. It's a bloody brilliant and reliable Yaris and looks like it will only get replaced when I have too many children for the seats.

DrHolmes Sat 16-Nov-13 10:41:13

I do. A new car and my first car! smile

AlexMumsnetCars (MNHQ) Tue 19-Nov-13 13:41:02

Just wanted to point out <hoists bosom> that Mumsnet Cars' 'What Car?' reviews are written specifically for Mumsnet Cars, and all of our Cars pages are edited by an experienced woman motoring journalist with two young children [ie. moi] grin. What's more, every 'What Car?' review gives Mumsnetters the opportunity to leave their own review too - the more the merrier!

LittleSiouxieSue Tue 19-Nov-13 18:17:33

Yes. Every time!

Zedboy Fri 20-Dec-13 08:12:15

New company car every 18 months for last 20 years - guess I've been lucky, but the boss does work me hard!

Amateurish Sun 05-Jan-14 11:55:39

We've got two cars bought from new. These days with the cheap finance, and longer warranties, it can usually make good financial sense compared to used cars. We've got a Kia which was cheap to buy and comes with a 7 year warranty. We will probably keep it for that long. The payments were only £100 a month on the finance (now finished).

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