How do I pay for a second hand car?

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LilithMyth Wed 03-Jul-13 23:39:57

Perhaps a silly question, but would appreciate any views/experience.

After searching for a car for ages, found one through a small (single garage) dealer. Service has been great, drove it up to us to test drive, has been very helpful to deal with, fair price on the part exchange etc.

I have paid a £100 deposit, but I'm now supposed to pay £10k. How does this work? Do i just do a digital payment and hope the car turns up? The invoice he's sent is a "small garage" hand filled in used car invoice. He's VAT registered. What protection do I have? Am I being unecessarily nervous? is there any sensible way to do this...

BikeRunSki Wed 03-Jul-13 23:48:00

Banker's draft. Like a super guaranteed cheque, you get one from your bank.

Last time I bought a car from a dealer, about 6 years ago, they suggested a debit card. It's simple and easy. I expect that the dealer you're buying from would be happy to take a debit card. Just ask.

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