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New VW Golf - how do you like it? Other recommendations in the same class?

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Yika Wed 26-Jun-13 21:45:45

I loved my old Golf Mk 6 (2010). Unfortunately I had (what I thought was a minor) accident about 10 days ago and to my horror it's been written off.

I need to replace it urgently, as i need a car for (city) commuting to nursery and work. What are your recommendations? Do you know how the new Mk 7 compares with the old one? I was looking at it at the garage today and see that it is bigger but boot space seems to be smaller (if you disregard the space under the floor of the boot). I also didn't like the styling as much as the old one. Also, it's more expensive of course.

Are there any other medium cars that you think are better? which? I'm wondering about the Seat Leon but I like the space inside the Golf.

Small family though - just me and DD. She is 2.7 and we still use a buggy, so need space for that. Holidays are mainly by car. we live in Belgium and drive to the UK. Other than that we only do long drives at weekends.

I want to buy new and value for money rather than price per se is key.

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