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Went to see a Getz and came home with a Corsa.

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I think I'll be ok NBTM just need to get out and about. I did have cars years ago so it'll all soon become normal again. I stopped driving when pg with ds2 as started going numb down one side. That was due to being pregnant but it affected me psychologically.

But am determined to keep it up and am off out for a little drive alone tomorrow.

NeverBeenToMe Mon 03-Jun-13 19:54:06

Maybe some refresher lessons with an instructor would be beneficial in building your confidence and road skills?

I haven't driven for years but need a little runaround for my new job as it'll be shift work. I had my heart set on a Ka but then changed my mind and fancied a Getz or Micra. So went today to view a Getz, wasn't over keen even though it was a good price. There was bit of rust. But I saw a lovely mint green Corsa in great condition. Dp took it for a test drive as I was too nervous. Then they even brought it home for us.

I've been out in it and had a good drive, say 15 miles. Got on fast roads too so it's given me a bit of practice. Plus we only chose school run time so that was fun wink I went into 2nd from 5th at one point shock so won't have to make a habit of that. I was much more confident that I thought I'd be though.

Bonus is I had 0 years no claims but LV let me have Dp's 9 years no claims. Plus we've only had to pay £10 a year for roadside assistance. And we get in in whichever car we're in. Even other people's. smile The insurance was £100 cheaper than the cheapest quote we could find.

I'll have to make sure I keep up the driving or else I'll lose my nerve again.

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