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Whats the lesser of two evils here please?

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JustABitDotty Fri 17-May-13 16:59:37

Basically my car is knackered. Its a w reg vw polo. It needs a new alternator, has broken central locking and the drivers side window doesnt open.

Have a chance to swap for sisters car which is a w reg renault clio, that needs a new starter motor.

So which is the better car for their age? Which will be the cheapest to fix? If money was no option id be buying a new one but things are a bit tight at the moment...

Thanks for any help smile

jaik Fri 17-May-13 18:47:57

An alternator is about £100 for a new/recon or as little as £15 from ebay, say about £100 for fitting if you aren't confident of doing it yourself. The central locking on my 25 year old Fiat uno has never worked, nor does it really bother me. Drivers window, prise off the door card and have a poke around in there, won't be too difficult. Is it electric? Is there a connector loose? maybe fallen off a runner? basic checks, you never know.

For the clio again, it's up to about a ton for the motor and the same for fitting.

swings and roundabouts, sorry not a huge help.

JustABitDotty Fri 17-May-13 23:30:46

Thanks for the reply jaik. The central locking is only annoying because it works to unlock, so when I open the drivers door all the doors unlock, but wont lock again so I have to run around and lock every door individually. Wouldnt be as bad if it were 3 door.

Il have a look at the things you pointed out, thanks for the advice.

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