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What have I missed, what can I get?

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catslave Thu 25-Apr-13 23:19:28

We are looking to replace our Peugeot estate with a 5 seater that's a bit more economical and luxurious and cool now eldest of our 3 dcs doesn't need a car seat anymore. Plus the Peugeot is only 4 and has various electrical issues, bits of trim dropping off here and there, wears tyres really quickly on the inside edge only - nobody can work out why - and I generally view it as a deathtrap.

So far, I have test driven:

Audi Q5 - liked this, not sure about fuel economy being that great, any extra above the basic spec costs a fortune so put off by 'greedy sods' factor!

VW Tiguan - noisy engine, poor rear visibility, centre display seemingly angled towards passenger. Irritating.

LR Evoque - lovely inside, drove brilliantly and was my favourite for all this BUT is it a bit of a Towie-mobile? Not sure about the image and whether people look at me and think 'flash twat'. H hated the look of it.

Volvo XC90 - massive no. Drove like a Flymo, sounded like a bus. Nice inside, though. Also - all seemed to be automatics. Do you lose the ability to change gear the minute you buy a 4x4 or do manufacturers just suppose this??

Qashqai - okay, but nothing special, trim a bit dated. Nothing wrong with it, just a bit meh.

I haven't tried an Audi Q3 yet, but am I missing anything good in the SUV / Crossover market? I just want something that's really comfy inside, preferably a taller car so I can see better in country lanes!

SorrelForbes Thu 25-Apr-13 23:28:40

Really interested to see any replies as we're looking to get rid of our very old Galaxy! My first thought was a Volvo XC90 but the fuel usage puts me off a bit.

WMittens Fri 26-Apr-13 09:09:25

I'd written out several paragraphs explaining why, but as soon as you accidentally hit a link, you've lost the text when you come back to the page, dammit!

Short answer - Evoque. You clearly love it, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, and anyway, it's a good car and not particularly 'TOWIE'. Just try to forget that Jordan has a bright pink one. If you got one of the others you'd always be thinking, "I wish I'd bought the Evoque."

catslave Fri 26-Apr-13 14:57:12

XC90 was horribly underpowered, in my opinion. Had the same size engine as our current car (308SW with biggest engine - 2 litre version) but is built like a tank.

The only problem with the Evoque is my husband. It brings out the northener in him, particularly as our youngest goes to local private school's pre-school and he gets irritated daily by bad driving and parking of small posh mums in enormous RR Vogues. I'm not sure I could ever make him get in it... though he has his own car, so might not be a problem. Might have to experiment with boot space and getting 3 children in the back.

Damn, that's the other thing I test drove - a BMW X1. Fab fuel economy but the interior was vile - beige plastic and a digital (digital!) time display - looked like an old Casio watch. And the ride... bump bump bump, with a really awkward gear change and noisy engine.

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