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I can't get out of my driveway - is there anything I can do?

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MandragoraWurzelstock Wed 17-Apr-13 08:49:31

A few months ago our neighbours changed their car and now have a humungous 4x4 type thing, with darkened windows.

I can't see past it and I can't see through it and I keep getting beeped by cars coming up the road - which they often do quite fast - because I'm backing out, very slowly but by the time I've gone far enough to see anything coming, we're in the line of danger already.

I am really scared that one day something will just go straight into us. I can't ask the neighbours to change their car. I can't ask them to keep it elsewhere - they use a disabled space. (I don't know in what way but their little girl is apparently disabled - perhaps she can't walk very far - they have a blue badge and it's none of my beeswax anyway)

We're also not in a position to afford a higher up car, so I could see a bit better.

Is t here some kind of appliance, mirror thing or such that I could fit to our car to enable me to see if anything's coming?

I'm really concerned about it - at present we have to use the car most days, and with a new baby in the back as well as my older child it's just a horrible feeling every time...I'm even thinking of moving house because of it.


MandragoraWurzelstock Thu 18-Apr-13 09:43:37

Gladbags, thankyou for understanding smile

I thought about just having a word but their English isn't great so I'm worried I'll upset them anyway, by not expressing myself too well.

Also if they say no, I'll then have them thinking I got the council involved in malice iyswim.

I'm hoping the mirror thing might work.

CruelAndUnusualParenting Sun 21-Apr-13 17:20:58

For reversing in, try indicating and stopping just before your driveway, so the traffic behind has to stop, then pull forward and right, so they can see you are manoeuvring to reverse in. It should work most of the time, but ...

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