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Audi Q3 or quashqai?

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Smallgreenone Sat 23-Mar-13 15:53:31

Need a new car and choice is between these two. The quashqai is a 4wd one as we are rural Derbyshire. Is the q3 the better bet as Audi are very reliable, we've always had Audi's but the quashqai is cheaper and I like the act its uk made. Anyone got either?

MorganK Sat 23-Mar-13 16:07:53

My mums in the police and she has always told me in bad head on crashes the engine in Nissans frequently catch on fire. So that would put me right off personally. Plus- I would stick with what you know. If you have a brand you can rely on, why go anywhere else?

Finbar Sat 23-Mar-13 16:09:51

The cooler choice is the Audi! ( shallow alert)

WMittens Sat 23-Mar-13 17:26:05 Audi are very reliable

No, Audi are perceived to be very reliable, they are nowhere near the top of reliability indices. They're not bad cars by any stretch, but let's just say a lot of owners are motivated by image (and hence the "very reliable" reputation).

The Audi is going to be nicer inside I would expect, but having spent many hours driving a Qashqai there's not too much wrong with them. Ultimately, if your reason to buy the Q3 is because it's more reliable, you're spending extra money based on a marketing line.

My mums in the police and she has always told me in bad head on crashes the engine in Nissans frequently catch on fire.

You know half of the Qashqai range use Renault engines? This sounds like a load of bunkum to me anyway, having been into cars (and bikes) for years I've never heard this mentioned once. Ferrari 458s catching fire - sure, Yamaha R6s exploding when they fall over, yep, but not Nissans in head on crashes.

Tortington Sat 23-Mar-13 17:28:21

quashqai's fuck ugly

Smallgreenone Sun 24-Mar-13 07:54:15

I didn't know that about Nissan engines morgan thank you. If your mums in the police she must have first hand experience.
mittens thanks for your advice too, I think audi are very reliable from personal experience not just image. We have never had a problem and owned different Audi's of all ages for years.
Also agree the audi looks nicer, think we are leaning towards that one, its not that much more than the quashqai once you add on the 4wd as it comes as standard on the q3.

uggmum Sun 24-Mar-13 08:02:36

I think the qashqai is nice but a bit old fashioned now and quite plastic inside.

My dh has just bought a Q5 and it's super lovely. He will only buy an Audi as a family car as he survived a head on crash with a combined speed of 110 mph and credits his previous A6 with saving his life and the lives of the occupants of the car that hit him. His car computer automatically called the emergency services after the impact which meant they got to the scene quicker. My dh was walking wounded unlike the others involved who had serious life threatening injuries and needed the air ambulance.

So it's Audi all the way for us.

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