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Do all new-ish cars have child-locks?

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PixieHot Fri 22-Feb-13 17:48:03

I've seen the slots smile! Thank you.

EdwiniasRevenge Fri 22-Feb-13 10:37:19

The slot on my vauxhall looks like it is for a flat head scrww driver. It is either a black or red circular plastic thing with the slot in.

PixieHot Fri 22-Feb-13 10:36:36

Thank you Edwinia and Hedge, I'll check it out later.

Hedgepig Fri 22-Feb-13 10:32:10

You shouldn't be able to open them from the inside once you have turned the child locks on, it doesn't matter if the central locking is off.

EdwiniasRevenge Fri 22-Feb-13 10:31:47

Yes seperately on both back doors.

It will stop the doors being opened from inside same as it always used to. Still accessible from the outside as long as car is unlocked.

PixieHot Fri 22-Feb-13 10:29:11

Ah, thank you Edwinia. So, I activate it on both back doors separately? Then what happens - are they locked all of the time, and only openable from the outside, or is that the case only when all of the doors are locked?

EdwiniasRevenge Fri 22-Feb-13 10:26:25

You need to activate it with a key on newish cars.

Look for a little rectangular slot on the side of the door. Insert the tip of your key and twist (05 plate picasso, 06 plate honda and 09 plate vauxhall zafira) on the cars ive had recently.

PixieHot Fri 22-Feb-13 10:24:06

Because our Vauxhall Astra doesn't seem to confused. Am I missing something? Have I bought a completely unsuitable family car?

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