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are 3 doors really a no go with kids

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omama Thu 14-Feb-13 08:56:14

Just that really. Considering my options for a new car, there's a few i like the look of which are 3door, but not really sure on practicality with kids. I have a 2.5yo, planning another baby so may also have infant. Thoughts? Is it better sticking with a 5 door?

Sunnysummer Thu 14-Feb-13 09:00:34

We grew up with 3-doors and did ok, so I was thinking about doing the same... But then lots of my friends have said it can be quite frustrating with a baby, as there is a lot of getting in and out, plus it makes it a little harder to use the backseat for storage. Probably depends if you're planning to use a car seat capsule and also if you'll have one of those massive double strollers that might take up your entire boot!

puddock Thu 14-Feb-13 09:06:16

my two are 4 and 2 and we find a 3 door fine. (elderly peugeot 106, quite generous boot space compared with some new cars.)
we have Kiddy car seats, it's easy to step into the car to buckle them in. when we still had an infant seat it was also no problem

pictish Thu 14-Feb-13 09:09:27

5 doors is easier for getting the kids in and out, but it doesn't make THAT much of a difference if the car you really think is value for your family has three!

We had a three door when ds1 was a tot. It was fine.

VinegarDrinker Thu 14-Feb-13 09:09:43

Well we sold our only car, so 0 doors are fine for us! But when we had one it was a tiny ancient 3 door Micra, had it during the "infant" stage with no problems.

TwoPoundCharityShopShoes Thu 14-Feb-13 09:14:45

I have a fiat 500 and three children, just traded an mpv for it because its cool!

I love it, and there is plenty of room smile

CruelAndUnusualParenting Thu 14-Feb-13 12:05:29

It depends. I had a friend who really hated having to deal with car seats in a 3 door Micra and reckons it hurt her back, but I can see there are people on here who were happy with it.

I wouldn't have a 3 door myself, but I have always had 4/5 door cars.

omama Thu 14-Feb-13 21:07:16

Thanks for the views folks.

Twopounds I love love love the fiat 500, can get a good deal on one through my work too, BUT dh really isn't so keen because of the practicality issues :-( Like others have said if we need to fit a buggy in there's no way & if we do have another i definitely would need space for a single buggy at the very least.

Well we're off car shopping at the wknd so i'll def look at both 3 & 5 doors rather than completely ruling them out.x

TwoPoundCharityShopShoes Fri 15-Feb-13 10:17:41

There are loads of buggies that fit in the fiat 500, i have 19mth twins!
Admittedly i use a single pram and carry in a sling on my back for longer walks as i hated pushing a double buggy but it definitely can be done.
My insurance is £200 a year less, fuel lasts forever and tax is v cheap too.
Plus mine has an amazing Windows system in it which automatically links your phone\ipod is voice activated and just generally amazing!

Can you tell i love it! grin

Chewbecca Fri 15-Feb-13 10:30:55

I have a fiat500c and love it, having to pull the seat forward to get in the back is a very minor hassle but worth it for me.
Would it be your only family car or the 2nd car?
If the 2nd, so usually only the mum and 1/2 children in the car used mainly for zipping around town, I'd go for it. As well as being cute, it's great for parking and cheap to run as twopound says.
But I wouldn't want it to be our only family car, i think something more practical is needed for holidays etc. You'd struggle with a family of 4 plus buggy, shopping, or suitcases in the fiat.

TwoPoundCharityShopShoes Fri 15-Feb-13 11:01:15

Oh yes thats a good point chewbecca we have a bigger car too (as a family of five we cant all go out in the fiat, it only has four seats!)

StripeyCircle Fri 15-Feb-13 12:36:11

I managed it with a Corsa. It was annoying and difficult but manageable. Given the choice I would always go for 5 doors if you can. I've now got a peugeot 107 with 2 doors and it's still annoying & manageable.

Geordieminx Fri 15-Feb-13 12:42:30

I have a 3 door megane, had it since ds was 3.. So capable of getting himself in and out. We manage fine but sometimes I wish we had a 4 door again as the back always seems so inaccessible.

Also it doesn't really do the seat mechanism much good being opened and closed 5+ times a day.. Most 3 doors are designed for occasional use in the back. hmm

omama Fri 15-Feb-13 15:47:47

Chewbacca & twopounds - yes it would be a second car. Dh has an audi a4, planning to swap for an audi estate soon, so big family car is sorted!

Can i ask a few q's about your fiat 500's? Can you fit a stage 2 car seat plus infant carrier in the back? Or would (potential) baby have to go in the front?

What sort of pushchair can you fit in the boot? Our shopping/round town buggy is a maclaren quest umbrella fold type - am doubtful it would fit?

If pushchair fills the boot & car seats in the back where the heck do you put your shopping?!!!

And finally how does it fare on the motorway, is it noisy & does it feel like you're gonna get blown over when you go past a lorry?

KatoPotato Fri 15-Feb-13 15:49:58

I miss my Fiat 500 <sobs>

We had a bugaboo bee that fit but with no room for anything else.

Chewbecca Fri 15-Feb-13 17:24:06

I can't help with the car seat / buggy Qs, am beyond that stage! I do have 2 umbrella folding camping style chairs in the boot though, plus a woggle and a bucket and I still manage to fit (most) of my shopping in. Sometimes it does spill to the front passenger seat if I have absolutely loads of shopping (say at Christmas).
It only shows Britax car seats but shows you which car seats fit in all types of cars and the best place to site them.
I hardly ever venture to motorways in mine either, it's very much a town car for me, but on the occasions I have I would say it performed like any other small car, fine but not ideal.

Go and try it tomorrow! And test the boot size with your buggy.

TwoPoundCharityShopShoes Fri 15-Feb-13 18:16:41

Umbrella fold buggy will fit fine, i have a silver cross fizz which fits fine, loads of room for other crap stuff.
I have two stage 1(?) seats in the back and a britax evolva in the front. I would say stage 0 would be fine in the back on a base but i wouldnt fancy strapping it in every time, in that case i would put it in the front with airbag off.
I can fit a weekly shop in boot and like chewy said perhaps in the front footwell if its a big shop.
Motorway i havent done loads of but DH went to work a couple of days last week (40 mile motorway commute) and said he was surprised how it fared.
Take a test drive, youll love it grin

omama Sat 16-Feb-13 19:28:19

Well.....I went & looked, it really is cute but is so very tiny, its sadly not going to be practical for us as a family right now :-(

On a positive note i came away having decided 3 door cars really wouldnt be too hard to manage, ds current carseat has deep sides so may actually be easier to put him in from the front rather than side. So i'm not discounting them!

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