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We buy any car website or eBay?

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zumo Sun 10-Feb-13 19:29:05

Ebay it will a list of the faults
We Buy any car offered me £50 for my old Peugeot, they sell for £700-£1000!
In fairness to them they just dont want older stuff.

quoteunquote Sun 10-Feb-13 13:41:58

I had a Toyota people carrier that the cam belt snapped on, ruined the engine, we sold it on ebay for spares or repairs, with clear details as to it's condition,

£700, so I was really pleased,

just make sure you advice they look before you buy, be really honest about it's problems,

we did cash on collection.

ask for advice here, lots to read

I have a few friends who buy and sell cars on ebay as part of their business, as long as you follow the advice on the forum, and read up the scams it a really easy way to sell vehicles.

tazmo Sun 10-Feb-13 11:59:46

Anyone got any experience of selling cars on we buy any car website?

We have MOT till 22 feb 2013 but has failed it's mot! Will cost about £900 to fix but may find other stuff. Garage in part exchange said it would give us a couple of hundred for scrap. 04 ford focus estate, 110,000 miles on the clock and can imagine would run fine once fixed but we have decided to but a new fuel efficient car.

Thanks for any advice!

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