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Thinking about buying a C4 Grand Picasso

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megandraper Thu 10-Jan-13 14:26:40

There's a hefty discount available until the end of January which is tempting us to take the plunge.

We've got a Xsara Picasso at the moment, but could do with the extra seats (have 3 small children and need to be able to transport grandparents/other children/etc. regularly)

Anyone with experience of one? Any tips? Any recommendations (have read that we should go for the diesel engine and the manual transmission).

Chopstheduck Fri 11-Jan-13 07:13:41

erm the original french owned bugatti stopped making cars in 1950. It was the Italians who turned it into a luxury sports car brand!

WMittens Fri 11-Jan-13 08:53:38

Bugatti always was a high end/high performance/luxury car maker, and under VW it's back in France.

megandraper Fri 11-Jan-13 09:29:04

I've read on the internet that a spare tyre can be fitted for £75 which sounds alright.

All children in forward-facing seats now, so don't need leg-props.

DH is very anti having a 'large' car so the van-type 7-seaters not for us. We'd be using the extra seats for short journeys - probably only 15 mins or so when ferrying an extra child around, and up to an hour or so with an adult.

Mon to Fri, DH will be driving car to work, but weekends and holidays it'll be for all the family. (I can't drive, medical reasons). DH thinks we should have a petrol one because of this (won't be fully loaded for a lot of the driving) though I still think maybe a diesel would be better.

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