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Calling all Bongo owners - split rear seat vs rear bench

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zumo Fri 11-Jan-13 23:03:08

As far as I am aware random Bongos have split seats, mines old and has a bench?
Ring some one like Wheelquick in Wigan they will tell you in an instand.
I think 24th Feb is national Bongo day so look for a meeting near you and go along.
Details on bongo Fury

Thirstysomething Thu 10-Jan-13 09:22:09

oh thanks! that is useful - i thought the split seats were on the older version of the Bongo, so have had that completely wrong!

oxeye Thu 10-Jan-13 02:14:02

congrats on DC4!
we used our Bongo for camping so entirely different but I would always go for the split seat because I think it is (1) more flexible as a set up in general and (2) a newer vehicle both of which will serve for longer and better use in the long run (imho!)

good luck!

Thirstysomething Wed 09-Jan-13 22:07:38

thanks Zuma and EighttoSixer for your PMs regarding Bongos and the best layout for the rear seats - split seat or bench -- unfortunately it was a split vote! So please forgive the poll....

We are about to have dc4, so have to give up our Mondeo with enormous boot space, which we rather need with two dogs, Phil & Teds and small bikes.

Any other Bongo driver have an opinion on which gives more space with four child seats and paraphernalia?

I was thinking (sorry if this sounds complicated!)

SPLIT rear seat:
One adult in front, one child in front
One child each side of middle bench seat, one adult in middle with lap belt
One child on single rear seat at back, other rear seat folded up to give boot space for bikes/buggies etc.

BENCH rear seat:
Two adults in front
One child each side of middle bench seat
One child each side of rear bench seat but with minimal leg room (both under two years old) and seats slid as far forward as they can go.

If the bench seat slid forward option gave as much luggage space as the split seat, that is the option I would go for, because I would far rather have two adults in the front, especially on long journeys!

I guess we might have to put dogs in a large dog cage as there will be no dog guard...

I am sorry this probably seems totally petty, but we are trying to buy a Bongo that will last us a while, and we don't have the spare cash to get it wrong, so it is a big decision!

I know the Bongos with the split seats are an older version than the bench seat, but in some ways they seem more sensible.

Thank you for considering the ravings of a mad pregnant woman... I will probably look back on this and wonder why I was so het up...

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