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what do people think of the Peugeot 307sw 7seater...?

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WMittens Sat 08-Dec-12 02:10:39

the only thing to watch out for is the fuel additive

What fuel additive does it need?

SquishyCinnamonSwirls Fri 07-Dec-12 17:33:59

I drive a 2004, 307 estate (7 seater) 2.0 hdi. I LOVE it. It's the most economical, efficient car I've owned and it helps make my life easier on a daily basis. I childmind, and sometimes end up at school getting a frantic phonecall from a parent that they can't make it and can I grab their kids for them. It suits my needs.
It costs £130 in tax a year, insurance is good and fuel economy being a diesel is great. Costs £70 for a tank and I get approx 600 miles out of it. Ours has the panoramic roof which is nice, it's got some good gadgets on it that I like and it drives really nicely. Tyres aren't ridiculously expensive, the only thing to watch out for is the fuel additive. Can be a bit pricey, just check when it was last refilled before buying.

I took all the seats out the other day to fit something in and was surprised how cavernous the space inside was. I've driven a lot of different cars but this is one that I'll be hanging onto.

paddingtonbear1 Fri 07-Dec-12 17:26:57

My dad has one - he says he's been happy with it so far. He doesn't need the extra seats (they just stay in the garage), but we find the extra space v useful when we all go away as we can fit all our bikes (4 including dd's) in the back with the seats down! It's economical and drives fine. I find it easier to park than my Audi smile Dad's last car was also a 307 and he had no major problems with it.

bangersnmash Tue 04-Dec-12 13:42:16

Can't really comment on that exact model but I had a 307 and it was the worst car I've ever had . Terrible build quality with things literally falling of it . It was only 9 months old when I bought it too . Would avoid Peugeot like the plague now .

whatdoithinknow Sun 02-Dec-12 01:28:48

Just that really? We are looking at a 2l second hande one as we only need extra seats v occasionally and I just like how it is slightly bigger than an estate..what do people think of these to drive and maintain? Its diesel many thanks..

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