What cars have you had/driven and which was the best/worst?

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MilkNCereal Tue 06-Nov-12 10:05:03

I've owned a

Vauxhall Corsa (loved it, cheap and cheerful!)
Nissan Almera (HATED it, horrible smelly thing)
Rover 200 (old man's car, it embarrassed me)
Ford Focus (love it, nice and nippy)

I've driven a

Citroen Picasso (Middle age-mobile - not cool)
Ford Focus C-Max (loved it!)
Vauxhall Zafira (loved it, despite how uncool it looks)

Out of all of them - I prefer the Focus. I WANT an AUDI A5 [in love]

car geeks anonymous

Somethingshort Thu 30-May-13 20:29:39

Just a thought....as we are talking cars. When are we going to get a car with somewhere to put the "handbag" and all the paraphernalia. Side pockets are never ample enough.
When are we going to get assistants on petrol station forecourts to "fill her up" and not have to get out of the car. My pet hate is going for petrol and having to get out of the car. I would gladly pay for the privilege of having it done.
Same with checking the oil and water. Oh.....for the good old days.......

smokinaces Thu 30-May-13 20:35:23

I've owned

A skoda favorit - cheap, cheerful, heavy, slow
A volkswagon beetle, new style - company car. Great fun, economical, surprisingly roomy. Blind spots dangerous.
A vauxhall corsa - ran and ran and ran and ran
A ford ka - yuck
A volkswagon polo - wonderful car, fun, fast, reliable, solid
A smart car - fun fun fun and nippy
A 106 - dull
A 206 - unreliable piece of shite
A zafira - felt middle aged and dull
A new style picanto - fabulous. Fun, reliable. smooth, easy to drive, safe, nippy.

Have also driven several, including an z3 and fronteras, mgs and focuses.

Favourite is the picanto. But that might be because its new :-) second favourite was the polo. Loved that car.

Somethingshort Thu 30-May-13 20:36:05

Best fun car.....a Citroen 2cv with a roll down top. You can really thrash these about. They really are like big prams.....AND on a plus point, you don't have to put water in them and cheap on fuel, good heaters in the winter, but don't have an accident in one of these.
Poshest car......Merc....any older sort preferred.

In fact.....ANY commercial vehicle is fun to drive if you have the licence.

Methe Thu 30-May-13 20:37:30

Every Peugeot I've ever driven has been awful, the same every Citroen.
First car was a r reg polo, loved it - had it for years till I scrapped it.
Vauxhall vectra 57 - nice car, perfect family car.
VW passat 09 detested the bloody thing. Hard to put my finger on why but I hated driving it with a passion. It was undoubtably the worst car I've driven and i've had some real bangers. It was unbelievably boring.
Skoda fabias various ages, great little cars. I've just bought a new one.
My best car ever is our Audi A4. Absolutely beautiful car to drive.

michaelh Tue 04-Jun-13 21:11:51

Owned cars: best, probably our current VW Golf VRS. It's nearly 18 years old and never really goes wrong. I have had a lot of luck with Alfas too over the years. I realise this is not normal ...
worst: A Citroen BX I had years ago. Nice to drive and comfy, but hellishly unreliable.
Driven: best, probably a Bentley Arnage T or, failing that, an early Citroen Ax GT. The former fabulously decadent. The latter light as a feather and felt far faster than it was.
worst: early Hyundai Pony; just about any American car

WMittens Tue 04-Jun-13 21:25:20

I've heard of a Golf VR6 and an Octavia vRS, but I've never heard of a Golf VRS. Engine swap?

AQG seems to suggest it's a golf club by Nike...


jaik Thu 06-Jun-13 18:38:58

24 years, been a lot of driving, let's see what i remember..

Datsun Sunny - my first! Small, four doors and a boot, I became my friends taxi..
VW Beetle - Dads classic, borrowed without his knowledge
Volvo 264 GLE - mums battle wagen, fantastic seats, bomb proof
VW Jetta - dads hand me down
Mercedes Benz 230e (w124) - when i could get the keys from mum, was her favourite
FIAT Uno 45s - small, but perfectly formed, fantastic town car
FIAT Uno 70SX - silver, small, four doors, bigger engine, bit of "luxury"
FIAT Uno 70SX - grey, as above for the wife
FIAT Uno 70SX - blue, bought for pennies, sold for profit
FIAT Uno 70SX - black, given to me for parts, but run ok for a while
FIAT Uno 70SX - red, barely drove, donor for the fleet
FIAT Uno 70SX - green, killed by an errant fiesta after a week
FIAT Uno Selecta - crappy gearbox, stripped for bits
FIAT Uno Turbo - red, small, fast, nimble, practical, pity rust killed her
FIAT Uno Turbo - white - small, nimble, practical, red dies so she may live
Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9 - baked bean can quality, but awesome driving experience
Nissan Bluebird - minicab spec, grim
Hyundai Accent - even worse, but I couldn't kill it
Mitsubishi Pinin - cracking mid size SUV, very thirsty though
Alfa Romeo 155 2.5 V6 - superb mini BTCC car for the road, bills nearly bankrupted me
VW Golf mk3 GTi - heavy, slow, crap
BMW E30 320i - one owner, drove like new, auto box was a downer
Mitsubishi Pajero Junior - import mini SUV, fantastically reliable, very capable
Bertone X1/9 - the most fun £200 could buy you!
FIAT Panda - mini daily driver for wifey, loves it, does everything she needs
FIAT Multipla - Big daily driver for me, does everything we need
FIAT Tipo 2.0 16V - big bummed 90s hatch, trackdays and fun drives, love it!

I think that's all the ones Wifey and i have had, they've all had good and bad sides, except the Bluebird, Accent and golf, they were just rubbish

catslave Sat 29-Jun-13 16:20:19

Worst - test drove a BMW X1. Interior a nasty 70s beige with cheap plastic and a digital (digital!) clock on the dash. Could feel every bump in the road - felt like the princess ant the pea! - and turned round mid drive as I could bear it no more. Even though the salesman was in the car with me...

Best - Range Rover Evoque. So, so comfy compared to the Peugeots we have had before. Am getting one!

catslave Sat 29-Jun-13 16:21:33

Before anyone says anything, my H calls it 'the wanker car'. But I don't care.

WMittens Sat 29-Jun-13 21:33:19

and a digital (digital!) clock on the dash

What's wrong with that?

Lewis3 Sun 23-Feb-14 18:06:40


We were looking at buying a new Vauxhall Zafira Tourer. Sales guy said it would be great for us to put 3 seats across second row. Reading the review on Mumsnet it said can fit 3 child seats across second row. I then read a Top Gear review by someone who thankfully read the Owners Manual before buying.

On page 58 (http://www.vauxhall.co.uk/content/dam/Vauxhall/Europe/united_kingdom/nscwebsite/uk/Home/pdf/Owners_Services/owners_manuals/VX%20Zafira-C%20Tourer%20OM_KTA-2722-5_MY14.5%20(Jan%202014).pdf) it shows that the middle seat of the second row should not be used with any type of child seat. It also shows that the front seat can only be used with baby car seat, not suitable for any of the other groups of child seat even with airbag turned off.

A real eye opener as I have seen parents and child minders with these cars using both of those positions. Apparently a safety hazard and also if using those with children and a crash happened the manual means the insurance company could say they were negligent in not following the Owner Manual.

So this is not as suitable as other MPVs.

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