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Another car thread.. Anyone with a Mercedes Vito? Other van-cars?

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vanhelgan Sun 28-Oct-12 09:38:22

Hope it's not a problem that I've posted in larger families too..

We need to be able to seat 6 people and still have room for a large dog and all of our stuff. We've had a Seat Alhambra since just before DC4 arrived (a year now) but have not been happy with it. We've spent a LOT of money on problems which I think are more down to the individual car rather than the model etc. so are thinking of changing car now.

TBH even if it were fully reliable it has always felt like a compromise anyway as there is simply not enough space. As a result we've started to think that a Merc Vito, VW transporter/caravelle etc may be a better bet for us. However, in our budget these vehicles tend to have done pretty high mileages (100k plus) so I wanted to ask the advice of those who've had similar.

1. What are experiences like re reliability?
2. Running costs?
3. Hidden costs? I've thought about things like tax, but are they priced higher on toll roads/bridges/ferries etc? Is this prohibitive?
4. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Looked at a Renault traffic yesterday but thought it's probably too big?

Thanks in advance!

vanhelgan Sun 28-Oct-12 09:38:59

Obviously it would be another car thread in this topic!

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