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Choosing the colour of a!

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MaureenMLove Mon 19-Nov-12 21:06:21

I had a yellow car for a couple of years. It was a source of amusement to most of my friends, but it got me from A-B and it did the job!

It used to make me laugh when people said, 'I saw you today, but you didn't wave at me!' Well no, that's because I can be seen from space and you are in a white/grey/blue car! grin

Strangely, I have just bought a new car and chose the number plate rather that the colour. Almost wish I'd gone for a brighter colour now though, because even when I do see my friends either on the street or in their cars, they don't see me in my silver car anymore! sadgrin

Go for it. Lime green sounds rather nice!

SquirtedPerfumeUpNoseInBoots Mon 19-Nov-12 20:59:44

It's your first car, and you don't have to think of the resale value! Have what you want!

bureni Mon 19-Nov-12 20:55:10

Avoid red coloured cars as red is not UV stable and will turn pink in sunlight.

Flojo1979 Mon 19-Nov-12 18:08:54

Jealous! I want a happy car.

44SoStartingOver Mon 19-Nov-12 18:07:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GothAnneGeddes Mon 19-Nov-12 18:05:32

Lime green sounds lovely! Agree that cars should be in brighter colours.

CointreauVersial Sun 14-Oct-12 00:08:15

It depends what sort of car you have - a sport coupe, or anything small and nippy, will be perfect in a bright, happy colour, and it shouldn't devalue it. It would be different for a more sedate/executive/masculine car model.

We just bought a 7-seat mummy-wagon, and the only choices were black, grey or white. Dullsville. Plenty of time for you to drive boring-coloured cars in the future. Enjoy the lime green!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 13-Oct-12 23:59:24

I wouldn't have a green car but I'm stupidly very superstitious blush

At least with a lime green you'll never lose it in a car park wink

You can call it Kermit.

SoupDragon Sat 13-Oct-12 11:09:54

Sounds foul but it's not my car is it? If you're happy [shrug]

If you were buying the car and intending to sell it later then no, you shouldn't choose an unusual colour. However, you aren't going to sell it so it doesn't matter.

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Sat 13-Oct-12 11:03:54

I'd love a lime green car. My next one is going to be that colour, tell 'em to sling their hooks if they comment again.

Gentleness Sat 13-Oct-12 10:57:59

We chose orange because we wanted a happy colour. Mil was thrilled because she reckons bright colours are safer - we hadn't even thought of that, but it gave our choice a bit more gravitas! I'm happy every time I see our car and sad to think our next will probably look dismal.

DrHolmes Thu 27-Sep-12 21:36:30

Oh I think i'd have chosen the yellow! I'm sure when my car is delivered I will be very happy with it. It was all men who thought the green was yuk. stuff them, im going about in a happy car!

BikeRunSki Thu 27-Sep-12 20:10:13

If you like green, have green. My car only came in navy or yellow without me having to pay extra. Chose navy. Hate it. Old nan car colour.

DrHolmes Thu 27-Sep-12 20:05:53

Hehe ok thanks for the reassurance! Lime green it is smile

WMittens Wed 26-Sep-12 21:14:33

Stick to your guns - the road is full of dull black, grey, silver and white cars. We need more vibrant colours on the road!

(Not that I can talk, one car is black, the other is grey.)

AMumInScotland Wed 26-Sep-12 21:05:17

If you like lime green then have lime green! You don't have to worry about resale value, so it's entirely up to you what you fancy. And, you'll be able to see it in the carpark without having to wonder exactly which silvery-coloured or black one is yours!

DrHolmes Wed 26-Sep-12 20:48:47

Hello. Lookinf for advice here. The company I work for offer a salary sacrifice benefit for cars. I have applied for a Seat Ibiza 3 dr sport coupe. I only passed my test in Feb and so this will be my first car. I am 25 and I like happy colours. I chose it in "lima green" which is...lime green! I do like this colour and the other colours on offer aren't exciting me, but, whenever i tell anyone i picked lime green they screw their noses up at it and say either "eugh" or "well, we will see you coming". Should I change the colour to a more accepted colour or stick to my guns and go with the green? I only have the car 3 years then i give it back. Thanks in advance.

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