Don't ignore LPG cars

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faulkernegger Fri 31-Aug-12 18:16:41

Liquid Petroleum Gas, sometimes called Autogas on garage forecourts. It's brilliant! You'll need a car that has been converted to LPG (there are a few that are factory fitted) and that's IT. Fuel is about 70p per litre and the consumption is about the same as petrol, so you are instantly getting double the miles per gallon. It's very clean and has fewer emissions. You might have to look around for garages that stock it, but many BP and Shell garages do. We are on our fourth LPG car and we're never going back.

Ponyofdoom Fri 31-Aug-12 20:07:52

Hmm I am car hunting at the moment and looking at diesels, partly because they catch fire less easily then petrol! My friend has an LPG and logically I know they are a good thing, but I just could not drive round in an unexploded bomb.

WMittens Fri 31-Aug-12 20:21:12

Ponyofdoom diesels can runaway though, although it's rare

Cars don't catch fire often at all, really, hardly the biggest thing to worry about. Most times that I've seen a vehicle fire at the side of a motorway or something, it's a tractor unit, so diesel-powered.

Ponyofdoom Fri 31-Aug-12 21:50:48

Great video! Hmm well my STBX's Citroen caught fire right by the petrol tank due to a leak, he was lucky to get out alive. My friend's Cavalier caught fire in the steering column. Diesel is harder to set on fire, my late Father used to start his tractors in Winter by having a bonfire under them! Just my phobia :-)

faulkernegger Fri 31-Aug-12 22:29:35

pony - there's really nothing to fear with lpg. DP's car is an ex-fire service car (driven by the chief fire officer when attending fires). The tank is super thick and super strong and the gas is never exposed - unlike petrol or diesel cars.

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