No idea what car to get - max £10K to spend - help!

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superwhizzynewlaptop Tue 28-Aug-12 22:32:58

Ancient Seat Ibiza coming to the end of it's life, so we're looking for a new car. Don't need anything massively bigger, but a wee bit bigger would be nice. New or used, 3 or 5 door, manual or auto, don't mind. Just something sensible and reliable, which will last us 10 years or more...

I don't even know where or how to start looking confused

Rainmaker1 Wed 18-Jan-17 16:38:09

you can't beat BMW or Audi for performance in this price range used

But if you wanted performance you wouldn't buy a 320d

Inadither Mon 16-Jan-17 09:38:47

That said I am contemplating a vw transporter as my next car!

Inadither Mon 16-Jan-17 09:36:59

We stick with skoda or seat. VW Audi group but without the price tag. DH just got a seat Leon 1.4 turbo petrol and it goes like s**t off a shovel as well as being pretty economical. I like the skoda yeti.

guccigirly Tue 11-Dec-12 21:44:22

Used BMW 320 Diesel. You get 63 mpg. I chose this car after reading the Which Car magazine for used cars after my Cayenne broke down 11 times in 6 months and only had 40k on the clock. It is reliable, cheap to run and you can't beat BMW or Audi for performance in this price range used. Good luck

WansteadG Tue 11-Dec-12 00:09:15

Skoda cheap as chips and brill and basically a VW/Audi - so so easy to drive on my 4th!

superwhizzynewlaptop Sun 18-Nov-12 19:29:57

Thanks to everyone who has replied, this has been very educational.

Have now decided to get car early next year, and I think we've narrowed it down to a Ford (Focus or Fiesta) or a Skodia Fabia (which is my fave, I love the shape of it). Although I am also keen to test drive some Nissans as I have noticed that just about every really old car I see still running is a Nissan!

Have decided on a used car, a few years old, and with a lower budget so we can save a bit. So am now thinking around £6-£7K.

I know someone with a Qashqai ArthurandGeorge and it looks gorgeous, but I am going to get something smaller and a lot less glamorous smile

ArthurandGeorge Sat 17-Nov-12 22:53:46

What did you get in the end OP?

I am doing the same search one. Want o get I'd of my ageing Ford C Max and looking at Qashqai, Juke, Citreon C3Picasso and newer C max. Inclined to go for Qashqai but not sure.

Miller1977 Sat 29-Sep-12 19:48:38

Interesting reading through this thread.I am looking at a new car as well. The article on the most reliable showed up some makes higher than I thought they would be.

OodHousekeeping Tue 04-Sep-12 21:09:01

French cars are more expensive parts wise, thought Honda were ok too.

WMittens Tue 04-Sep-12 20:38:41

"There's some great cars there - a lovely little Honda Jazz leaps out - but it will be dear to maintain compared to the mass-market European cars."

Where the hell has this idea that Hondas are expensive to run come from?! They're high performing in reliability stakes (Honda are obsessive about their engineering) and parts prices more than reasonable.

And you're talking about a Jazz, not an NSX Type-R.

lovechoc Tue 04-Sep-12 19:42:21

Dacia Duster

uggmum Tue 04-Sep-12 17:58:50

I have a ford cmax. Bought it when it was 3 mths old from a car supermarket. It is now 7 years old, never let me down (27k miles). Only had to buy new tyres and servicing.

Prior to this car I had a focus. Bought it new and kept it for 7 years. Again, it never let me down.

OodHousekeeping Tue 04-Sep-12 17:52:25

Toyota Yaris. Mine is 9and I've only replaced tyres once and light bulbs/wipers etc. v reliable versatile and low mpg.

VivaLeBeaver Tue 04-Sep-12 17:38:25

Or a Skoda Yeti.

VivaLeBeaver Tue 04-Sep-12 17:37:39

vw passat thats a few years old.
Ford Mondeo that would be slightly newer/lower mileage for the same price.

Or a Focus if you don't want to go that big.

DaveAlm Tue 04-Sep-12 17:34:31


Ten grand is a lot of money...

I always use UsedCarExpert for things like this - gives you a proper idea of what you can get - rather than trying to remember all the different options which I can never do.

There's some great cars there - a lovely little Honda Jazz leaps out - but it will be dear to maintain compared to the mass-market European cars.

Oddly, it transpires you best bet might be to replace the Ibiza with... another Ibiza! The Polo is the same underneath, as are the Skoda Fabia and Audi A1.

New shape Focus' (foci?) are on offer at that money...

Be aware that you don't need to spend that much money to get a reliable, useful car. You could get this...

Not the coolest car in the world but hugely useful all the same - and likely to be very cheap to insure and service.

If you are willing to go a little older, say three years, all sorts of options appear.

Good luck with it!



higgle Fri 31-Aug-12 08:19:10

I've just done the same exercise - change car for under £10k. I only needed a small car and ended up with a new Panda and some change to get my teeth sorted out. But the point of this post is to say that almost everyone I sought advice from suggested a used Focus as being a good buy, nice car, cheap to repair and very reliable. I didn't need anything that big, but it might be ideal for you.

Go and have a look at cars as soon as you can, I found that some of the cars on my list were not as nice as I'd hoped in the flesh.

superwhizzynewlaptop Wed 29-Aug-12 13:28:12

Am surprised to see VW and Seat so far down on that list Motion, very interesting thank you for posting that. Have added Honda to my list of possibilities.

WMittens Wed 29-Aug-12 12:42:30

A lot of makes get trouble with DPFs, but that's more down to how the vehicles are driven than any particular make being better or worse, I think. They get clogged up and start failing. The way to clear them is occasional hard driving (full throttle acceleration, e.g. joining a motorway) - this burns the soot off clogging the filter.

The AA site says driving for 10 minutes above 40 miles an hour is enough, but you might as well have some fun while you're doing it wink

vnmum Wed 29-Aug-12 10:41:10

interesting list motion. I noticed that mazda were in 6th. we have had a mazda previously and had no problems with it and had thought of getting a mazda 5 or 6 but then read reviews online and they have recurrent problems with their DPF's but maybe they are worth reconsidering after seeing that list. Another make in our shortlist was skoda which was 12th but seeing as BMW are way down in the 20's, I don't think we will be going for one of those afterall.

MotionOfTheOcean Wed 29-Aug-12 10:24:04

I have a civic,2.2 diesel so gives me plenty of power with still giving 45 mpg round town.Its now done 177,000 miles and shows no sign of slowing down,although ds is a mechanic and it is well looked after.
May be worth considering that Honda have just been voted the most reliable make for the seventh year in a row.Full list is here

superwhizzynewlaptop Wed 29-Aug-12 10:16:35

I heard that Kia's were expensive to repair lljkk, thanks.

DPIL have Honda Jazz, is v nice.

lljkk Wed 29-Aug-12 09:52:49

You only get 7 yr warranty if buying new, which OP doesn't want to do, I think?
Our Kia is a lemon, costs us a fortune in repairs, cannot recommend.
I would look for a VW or Citroen if buying today.

SwedishEdith Wed 29-Aug-12 09:49:42

For that budget and size, a Honda Jazz would be the most reliable. Observations from recent 2 week 2000 + mile trip was that Audis were often seen on motorway hard shoulders - to my surprise

superwhizzynewlaptop Wed 29-Aug-12 09:41:23

Yes I do love our little Ibiza Bella, but after sitting in mum's tiny 3 door and way-more-comfortable VW Polo last week I realised how ancient it is grin

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