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Need to fit tall DP and 2 RF seats in a city car

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RugBugs Sun 19-Aug-12 15:05:30

We have a c3 and the seat behind DP is useless, he has the seat so far back that legs won't fit between the seats. No way an infant carrier fits behind him so need a new car before DC2 arrives.

Does anyone have a 6ft2+ driver and room for a RF carseat behind them?

CMOTDibbler Sun 19-Aug-12 15:11:15

I have a Mercedes A class, dh is 6'3, and theres loads of room in the back

HaitchJay Sun 19-Aug-12 15:16:43

Toyota Yaris can move the back seats back ( less boot room though we still fit a pram in.

RugBugs Sun 19-Aug-12 16:33:55

Thanks, they both look great, especially the new A class but fear we'd have to lease one of those.
The yaris looks promising, we could easily get a used one of those.

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