How old is your current car? And when do you plan to replace it?

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Earlybird Mon 06-Aug-12 19:55:00

And when you replace it, are you likely to buy new or used?

Just curious as I read a stat that says the average age of a passenger car in the US is 11 years - which seems quite old.

Wonder if we run our cars for a similar amount of time?

whojamaflip Mon 06-Aug-12 21:12:32

13 year old Zafira which I LOATHE angry Bloody thing sailed through the MOT last week which means I'm stuck with it for another year sad

Millie1 Mon 06-Aug-12 21:13:17

4yr old Galaxy. No idea when we'll replace it but very disappointed that we have spent £1k on repairs to get it through the MOTand two tyres so far this year. It now needs another tyre at around £170, is due a service next week and, I suspect, needs a part replaced which costs £500. It gets serviced when it should. Am well browned off. Only 45k miles on it. Boo to Ford!

jojane Mon 06-Aug-12 21:15:55

Mine is 13 years old and sounds like it is going to give up any minute now but can't afford a new(er) one and too scared to take it to garage in case I can't afford the bill for any work needed (probably a lot by the sounds of it, sounds like a tank!)
We live in an affluent area and seems like everyone else drives brand new 4x4s or people carriers, makes it even more embarrassing to be driving around in a clapped out mondeo with a huge dent in the side(my husbands fault not mine!)

openerofjars Mon 06-Aug-12 21:16:27

My 9yo Punto just died - the engine boiled over and buggered the electrics, I am informed. I think that's what happened, anyway - and I have my eye on a much nicer 08 plate Corsa.

Mmm, air con, electric windows, functioning radio...

mummmsy Mon 06-Aug-12 21:16:53

14 years old - when the rust no longer holds it together grin

ginmakesitallok Mon 06-Aug-12 21:18:45

I just got a "new" car in March - its Jan 11. I tend to keep cars til they cost too much to fix - last one we got rid of was about 7 years old but had 150k on clock. Would never buy a brand new car - have always tended to buy ex demos or 1-2 year olds.

Aquelven Mon 06-Aug-12 21:19:59

43 years old.
It's a 1969 classis Austin Mini Cooper Mk2.
Had it from new, probably leave it in my will grin

But I also have a one year old Fiat 500 for daily use.

Aquelven Mon 06-Aug-12 21:21:10

Classic / auto correct blush

iknowwho Mon 06-Aug-12 21:25:05

Mine is 18 months and I will start looking round in another 6 months or so.
One of DH's is on a N reg (although it is an import) and we are thinking of changing that early next year as well.

He hasn't got any plans for his other cars though.

DuckingHell Mon 06-Aug-12 21:29:28

10year old Saab.

I love it. Will keep it till it's death. Or might consider handing it over to DH when his S reg 106 dies. But I will get another Saab for sure

ivykaty44 Mon 06-Aug-12 21:30:54

06/02/1998 is the DOB of my little red baby smile

you can't talk about changing her hmm she isn't a baby who wears a nappy you know.

She is sensitive so we wouldn't talk abut hose type of things

ivykaty44 Mon 06-Aug-12 21:31:58

Aquelven I remember that year well - the man landing on the moon mostly though not your car being made grin

teahouse Mon 06-Aug-12 21:35:51

I had to check as all I know is it's a 54 plate - makes it around 8 1/2 years old. My previous car was 10 years so I'll keep this until at least that age. It does 36mpg+ so is Ok mileage wise

BigusBumus Mon 06-Aug-12 21:36:05

Less than a year old. I love it.

TheWalkingDead Mon 06-Aug-12 21:37:09

Ours is a 10 year old MG - eats petrol, but I do love the power it delivers. It goes ok for ages then the bloody exhaust will have a hole in it, and something else will break and then it will cost a fortune. The insurance is ok, considering it's Group 17 or something ridiculous.

We would like to get a smaller, more economical car now the DCs are a bit bigger and we will be able to go out without pushchairs and all that crap. It will probably be a used car as we really wouldn't be able to afford the repayments on a new one and definitely couldn't buy outright.

bunnybing Mon 06-Aug-12 21:37:55

nearly 10 yrs old - will replace it when it becomes a PITA, but it's fine at the mo, just a little, ahem, untidy inside.

Littlemissimpatient Mon 06-Aug-12 21:38:58

Mine is a 12 plate and i will get a new one when 15 plates come out or 80k miles, which ever comes first.... Work car grin

dubz Mon 06-Aug-12 21:39:32

9 year old family MPV, 7 year old commuting small car for dh and a 40 year old VW to play with. Maybe changing the MPV next year as it's a crapheap. Fiat Ulysses, don't buy one you have been warned!

I'm surprised how many people have 5years+ cars on here. When I drive around town almost everyone seems to be driving 60 plates or newer!

bisjolympics Mon 06-Aug-12 21:40:14

One month old. It replaced my previous car which I'd had for 10 years and that replaced a 9 year old car. No car salesman is ever going to retire on my car purchases! I will keep this one for 9 or 10 years.

perplexedpirate Mon 06-Aug-12 21:40:54

7 years old but very good condition and ridiculously low mileage.
No plans to replace any time soon.

ivykaty44 Mon 06-Aug-12 21:41:42

gish my little red baby only eats 42-44 mpg

RunningUpThatHill Mon 06-Aug-12 21:43:22

10 years old,

Dont know when we will get a new one. When we did though it would never be a new one. The newest I will ever get (unless I win the lottery and become mega rich) will be at least a year old. Realistically if we were to get another car it would probably be at least 7 or 8 years old. Depends what £1000 would get us TBH

QueenofPlaids Mon 06-Aug-12 21:45:50

Mine is 7 small car, drives like the day I bought it pre-reg back in 2005. And it's a cabriolet smile Honestly thought I'd have replaced it by now and could afford to, but as I do a very low mileage it's just not a priority. Add to that it costs buttons to run & maintain, otherwise might well have got rid as I don't commute by car very often. I keep it because it's cheaper to maintain than replace iyswim.

DP's is 8 & is the work horse for all our house renovations. He has recently started commuting by train, so we may not need 2 cars at all. Either way, we are planning on running this one into the ground.

thepowerofvoodoo Mon 06-Aug-12 21:46:03

Mine is 7 yrs old but with 130k on the clock, but keeps going and is so cheap to run that I can't bring myself to look for something else, £30 tax a year and £16 a month fully comp insurance. 1.4 tdci fiesta.
Oh's is 9 yrs old and also 120k on the clock with various things falling off. We will probably replace his first, we will need a 7 seater next year. Won't buy new though, waste of money.

StateofConfusion Mon 06-Aug-12 21:46:11

Ours is 11 yrs old I think not sure as it came with private plates on. Its low mileage, well cared for, full history yada yada and we only got it this year after selling the bastard zafira which was newer. Its a multipla and perfect for us so it will have to die a serious death to be let go, and then we'd get another.

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