Audi A1 + a baby

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WMittens Tue 28-Aug-12 14:02:05

The A1 is based on a development of the Fabia platform.

If it meets your needs and your budget then I would say go for it. However, if it were my money I'd go for a Fabia, Polo or Ibiza - same (or practically) the same car but you get more for your money.

PimmsPlease Mon 27-Aug-12 21:38:17

I have a Skoda Fabia vrs (which is a cheaper version of the A1) and I love it. DD's car seat fits in fine and the buggy goes in the boot no problems. 4 doors means its easy to get into the back too!

koolforcats Thu 02-Aug-12 07:49:33


Does anyone have the Audi a1? I test drove it and liked it and my buggy fits in - just! I'm most comfortable in small cars but wondered if anyone else had one and found it too small?

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