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We'd like a 7 seater - what would you go for?

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designerbaby Sun 10-Jun-12 01:04:26

Our ancient Renault Scenic is regularly costing us a small fortune, so we figure we're probably better off upgrading.

We only have 2DCs, but often take an extra adult... or two, and if we had the space we'd be taking extra children/adults etc. more often. So we figure a 7 seater would be our best bet, and the huge boot (when the 2 extra seats aren't in use) would be very useful as we holiday by car (cornwall, scotland, france etc.) often and it's always a struggle to fit everything in.

We'd like a seven seater that really is - i.e. 3 proper seats across the back. i.e. didn't like the mini-seat in the Grand C-Max, because if MIL came out with us, we'd have to put a back seat up and then wouldn't be able to get much in the boot (a buggy, for example).

We're considering:

Ford S Max
Nissan Qashqai +2
Toyota Verso
Vauxhall Zafira Tourer

But we're open to suggestions...

I don't especially want to drive too much of a bus... or be tarred with the 'chelsea tractor' brush. (We don't live in chelsea or own a farm...)

Any suggestions? I figure our requirements are hardly unique and some of you must have been looking for a similar spec...

Any help/experiences/warnings gratefully received!

Thanks in advance,

IrnBruTheNoo Sat 01-Mar-14 17:41:48

Traded in our Renault Megane Scenic three months ago for a Kia Carens and have not looked back. It's a fantastic car to drive.

Lewis3 Sun 23-Feb-14 18:05:03


We were looking at buying a new Vauxhall Zafira Tourer. Sales guy said it would be great for us to put 3 seats across second row. Reading the review on Mumsnet it said can fit 3 child seats across second row. I then read a Top Gear review by someone who thankfully read the Owners Manual before buying.

On page 58 ( it shows that the middle seat of the second row should not be used with any type of child seat. It also shows that the front seat can only be used with baby car seat, not suitable for any of the other groups of child seat even with airbag turned off.

A real eye opener as I have seen parents and child minders with these cars using both of those positions. Apparently a safety hazard and also if using those with children and a crash happened the manual means the insurance company could say they were negligent in not following the Owner Manual.

So this is not as suitable as other MPVs.

zumo Thu 20-Jun-13 06:09:37

I have had
Volvo estate 7 seater
Peugeot estate 7 seater
Landrover Discovery 7 seater
Basically the same concept, excellent idea but when you do carry 6 or 7 people you have little space for anything else.
I now have a Mazda Bongo 8 seater van type MPV and its excellent, we often carry 6 adult size people with luggage.
I would try and hire a van type MPV for a weekend and do the trips out shopping etc, you will find it much better

AlexMumsnetCars (MNHQ) Mon 10-Jun-13 11:03:42

Do make sure you check Mumsnet Cars' recommendations for the 10 best seven-seaters (which are compiled with our partners at What Car?) so you can be sure you (and your DH) haven't missed anything.

pendlewitch70 Sun 09-Jun-13 23:43:43

We're in the same predicament a year on - just like you have a scenic which keeps breaking down/costing fortune in repairs. just like you i really like a touran or verso (doesn't seem too be a big price difference). my DH still wants another grand scenic despite himself, as like you we still love the drive, airy feel and handy gizmos despite it spending half the time in a garage and the engine blowing up whilst holidaying in france! we are at stalemate as the new grand scenic is supposed to be far more reliable and has 4yr warranty and servicing and low running costs. i just can't bring myself to trust them and the verso is big on reliability but the touran whilst being classier isn't as reliable. please could you let me know if, a year on, you are happy with the verso or wishing you had got something else!

janew57 Thu 03-Jan-13 05:34:01

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twolittlekings Sun 12-Aug-12 16:07:30

Bureai I love volvos but the largest estate just did not seem big enough with 2 car seats and a adult. My friend has a newish v70 and the middle seat still not full size but I'm sad to see my s40 go.

Bea we live in London - we bought from a Peugeot dealer in Epsom. I'm not sure how easy they are to get where you ate but they had 4 to buy used with the average age less than 2 years. Thus has 28k on the clock and is an ex demonstrator.

3littlefrogs Sun 12-Aug-12 15:19:51

I loved my old diesel galaxy.

It transported all manner of DC to parties, football, rugby, basketball, swimming, cricket, cubs, scouts etc over many years.

We could even put bicycles in it if we took some seats out.

It was big enough to transport tables, chairs, tents, even a bed once.

It was the end of an era when we exchanged it for something smaller.

bureni Sun 12-Aug-12 15:16:10

I swear by my Volvo estate cars for carrying 7 people though the 2 rear foldout seats are rear facing which might not suit everyone, I stick to Volvo estates as I also need a large carrying capacity were all the seats can fold down quickly and easily. Bonus is the durability and safety that a Volvo offers, I certainly would not touch a Renault with a bargepole due to the complex and expensive electrical problems.

bea Sun 12-Aug-12 15:09:11

ooo! twolittlekings... i ahve just posted about the lack of 5008 to see in real life! I have yet to see one... don't suppose you live in the midlands so we can have a nosey hey???

am very jealous!

twolittlekings Sun 12-Aug-12 11:03:27

I know this is a late post but have just bought a Peugeot 5008. Looked at lots of 4wd and MPVs but decided on this as we needed to get 2 car seats in back plus adult and I wanted them all on first row. I'm put off by permanent positioning of anyone in the very back due to safety and rear crashes (plus no boot space if these are up). It's amazing how many cars don't have 3 proper seats in back. I looked at the FRV but there's just a wall of seats so no interaction with the front and back - we are always turning round to pass things to kids and check things are ok so did not like the idea of not being able to do this.. We also looked at xc90 as real contender but we worked out running costs would be double to our current s40. And no proper boot either. Looks nice though but have decided that practicality must override! Anyway the 5008 is lovely - big but does not look like a proper MPV and I feel like I'm driving a car. Its very economical with £115 tax and car insurance ok too. Kids love it too as they get trays to do things on and storage by their feet!!

designerbaby Sat 23-Jun-12 22:44:07

Goose, if you PM me I'll happily send you DHs very thorough spreadsheet...

He loves a good spreadsheet does DH...

JarethTheGoblinKing Sat 23-Jun-12 22:43:05


designerbaby Sat 23-Jun-12 22:42:44

Jareth, well, a small bah! Perhaps...

But we're getting a new car, which won't cost us a fortune in repairs, the reverse gear won't continually drop out, and windows won't disappear inside the door, never to be seen again...

So a big YAY to drown out the small bah...
And £6k we haven't spent, which is a pretty bloody massive YAY!


GooseRocks Sat 23-Jun-12 22:38:36

Considering something different every blooming day!

designerbaby Sat 23-Jun-12 22:36:31

Yes, goose, almost identical size, inside and out...

Actually really good MPG if you get Diesel (we did), seats easier to manoeuvre. Downsides? I preferred the more minimal aesthetic of the Touran, and bigger windows (especially for rearmost seats) but I couldn't honestly say these things matter to me to the tune of £6k when push comes to shove...

What are you considering?


JarethTheGoblinKing Sat 23-Jun-12 22:08:58



GooseRocks Sat 23-Jun-12 21:38:47

So is the verso a similar size to the touran then? It seems more compact?

Glad you got it sorted OP.

designerbaby Sat 23-Jun-12 18:55:52

We just bought the verso. Incredible spec for approx 6k less than the mid range VW (once financing taken into account as Toyota offering terrific 0% and 5 year full warranty) which had a lot less stuff included.

So while I liked the VW a lot, I couldn't really argue with the numbers in the end. Try as we might, we couldn't make the VW work financially.

They threw in leather seats and a bunch of other stuff and we get it in 2 weeks...

I'm quite excited again, it's my FIRST EVER new car...


mankyscotslass Thu 21-Jun-12 22:01:31

We are squashed into a Mondeo at the moment, and hate it. sad

We had to sell our Ford Galaxy when DH was made redundant. We lurved it. sad

Before that we had a Renault Grande Scenic - cost us a fortune in repairs. angry

We sometimes have use of DM's Foird SMax, and are really impressed - would prefer it with sliding doors though. DHsay it is speedy, nice to drive and comfortable to drive in.

poorbuthappy Thu 21-Jun-12 21:58:12

We have a 55 plate Touran which has been the main car for the last 3.5 years. Its great...but we are just about to scrap our other car and buy a 4 year old Galaxy so we can both take 3 kids and others out in both cars.

The Touran is great and very good value for money but, we struggle to do up all seat belts in the back (1 on a booster and 3 year old twins in full on seats) so we need slightly more width.
And I've wanted one since we shopped for the touran but couldn't afford 1. Now we can afford 1!

designerbaby Thu 21-Jun-12 21:52:54

Hi sleepdodger - don't be embarrassed, 'tis a slow moving thread grin.

We have, however, ruled out the Qashqai because of it only having 2.5 seats across the back rather than a proper 3 - we use this all the time, and wouldn't want to have to use the rear two that much due to the compromise on boot space.

Jareth, I have NO sway when it comes to money. Mostly I like it that way, (being well aware of my limitations in that regard,) but sometimes...

Trouble it, I'll now feel a bit dissatisfied with the Verso if we end up with one, which is a shame, because I've NEVER owned a new car before and was/am really excited about that...

Gah... We nearly didn't make it to the VW test drive, part of me wishes I hadn't gone, then I would have just been delighted with the new shiny Verso... But now I've gone and seen the Touran and driven the Touran... ah...



p.s. Aware I'm being a brat. Make no apologies for it as it's such a rare occurance... grin

sleepdodger Thu 21-Jun-12 21:42:46

blush blush blush just realised I've answered twice without even noticing it was the same thread!!!

sleepdodger Thu 21-Jun-12 21:38:12

We have a qashqai and love it

JarethTheGoblinKing Thu 21-Jun-12 21:00:29

Balls... if you use it, you have the sway.

How about a VW Touran will keep its value a lot more than a Verso? grin
(and it will!)

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