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We'd like a 7 seater - what would you go for?

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designerbaby Sun 10-Jun-12 01:04:26

Our ancient Renault Scenic is regularly costing us a small fortune, so we figure we're probably better off upgrading.

We only have 2DCs, but often take an extra adult... or two, and if we had the space we'd be taking extra children/adults etc. more often. So we figure a 7 seater would be our best bet, and the huge boot (when the 2 extra seats aren't in use) would be very useful as we holiday by car (cornwall, scotland, france etc.) often and it's always a struggle to fit everything in.

We'd like a seven seater that really is - i.e. 3 proper seats across the back. i.e. didn't like the mini-seat in the Grand C-Max, because if MIL came out with us, we'd have to put a back seat up and then wouldn't be able to get much in the boot (a buggy, for example).

We're considering:

Ford S Max
Nissan Qashqai +2
Toyota Verso
Vauxhall Zafira Tourer

But we're open to suggestions...

I don't especially want to drive too much of a bus... or be tarred with the 'chelsea tractor' brush. (We don't live in chelsea or own a farm...)

Any suggestions? I figure our requirements are hardly unique and some of you must have been looking for a similar spec...

Any help/experiences/warnings gratefully received!

Thanks in advance,

Quip Mon 11-Jun-12 20:48:38

We had a Renault Scenic and have sworn never to get behind the wheel of a French car again. Opted for a Ford as we couldn't afford a German-made car.

MeDented Mon 11-Jun-12 20:53:09

Citroen C8 is a fab 7 seater, same as the Peugeot but cheaper. Sliding side doors are brilliant as makes it much easier getting in and out of the car in parked spaces. Also the backseat is the extra 2 so it remains a 5 seater when back seats out. Also front 2 seats turn round to face back and middle seat used as table for in car picnics!

mamasmissionimpossible Mon 11-Jun-12 21:13:21

We have recently bought a toyota verso in order to get dc3 car seat in the back. It's a good car. Spacious, drives well, reliable and fairly economical.

The rear seats also move back and forward, so anyone in the rear seats can have leg room. The boot is a decent size if the very rear seats are laid flat. All in all we are pleased we bought it.

GenuinelyClueless Mon 11-Jun-12 21:29:27

Have a look at car safety ratings here. Chrysler grand voyager is pants for safety.

zzzzz Mon 11-Jun-12 22:07:23

I can't see the grand voyager on that site (might be me being daft), it has been massively revamped since my last grand voyager (2004).

ENormaSnob Wed 13-Jun-12 19:50:10

Stay away from the Citroen c4 grand Picasso.

I have one and loathe it. Numerous faults, engine goes into shut down whenever a fault is detected which is not great in the outside lane of a dual carriage way shock running costs are extortionate and Citroen garages are shit.

GooseRocks Wed 13-Jun-12 21:42:52

Oh ffs. I was thinking about a citroen.

Every car I consider someone on here has had a bad experience with it...


AJ27 Sat 16-Jun-12 18:06:22

The S-Max is really expensive. Have you thought of the Kia Carens. The VW Touran has third row flip down seats and has really good MPG, as does the C4 Picasso, Zafira (EcoFlex), Mazda 5 and Peugeot 5008.


stressheaderic Sat 16-Jun-12 18:17:55

I have a C4 Grand Picasso. Had it from almost new for 4 years and had no problems at all with it, easy to get seats up and down and cheap to run.

BonnieBumble Sat 16-Jun-12 18:49:29

Mil has a Vauxhall Zafira. Very happy with it and I think they are one of the cheapest on the market.

RandomMess Sat 16-Jun-12 18:53:30

My mechanic rates

Manual Diesel:

Zafira or sharran/alhambra/galaxy (they are all the same engine and car jsut different badges). Very happy with my alhambra, certainly running costs are low and never needed anything doing to it just regular service, mechanic says it should run easily to £150k miles.

ArcticLemming Sat 16-Jun-12 18:53:34

If you're going to use it as a 7 seater regularly I'd steer away from the touran and other "optional" 7 seaters. When the 3rd row is in place there is very little room between the rear of the car and the last row of passengers - this makes a rear end shunt very dangerous, as well as giving you very little boot space.

weblette Sat 16-Jun-12 19:20:29

I heart my Sharan. It's the new design and doesn't feel like a bus. Loads of space - even with all the seats up I can still fit a full load of shopping in the back.

Fuel economy good, excellent on long journeys. Handles v well and it's a great, responsive drive.

We considered a Galaxy but couldn't get the spec we wanted. Have had a Zafira and Grand Scenic in the past, no problems with reliability but the VW just feels far better built, less plasticky.

designerbaby Sat 16-Jun-12 22:51:28

Well we spent a WHOLE BLARDY DAY visiting and test-driving.

The SMax was lovely - very roomy, but it felt enormous to drive. And I felt like a midget in it. Really didn't feel comfortable that I could really see what I was doing. Just too much car for day-to-day use, I felt, although I could imagine it's wonderful for long trips. I would NOT want to try and park it though...

We've ruled out the Qashqai - it's not a 7 seater, really, it's a 6.5 seater - the middle seat, when between two car seats, would never fit an actual person, so you'd have to pop up the rear two just to carry an extra person which would be a pain. I'd go along with the 'reverse tardis' comment above. It's a nice looker though.

Then we tried the Vauxhall Zafira Tourer. Nice but there was too much trim and blingy-nonsense on the interior, which made it feel more cramped that it should do. I liked it, but not enough – it also felt a bit, well, chavvy? Lines of red strip lighting along the interior trim? Please... It was ok to drive - a bit smaller than the S-Max, which is good. Plus there's a 3 month wait, and I'm not sure the clutch on our Scenic will last that long! 0% finance though, and lifetime warranty.

The we tried the Toyota Verso. DH is in love, I think. We drove the 2l Diesel, and for me the engine sounded and felt pretty rough - but I think if we were buying we'd probably get the 1.6 petrol anyway - we don't really do sufficient miles to make the benefits of a diesel outweigh the negatives. Apparently that's really quiet... I liked it as it feels the same size as our Scenic to drive (in fact I think it's pretty much the same size) I'm not quite sure how they've done it as all seats are pretty spacious. The two rearmost seats are a bit dark - the kids couldn't see anything sat back there... It's a really good price, meaning we can up-spec a bit and still come in cheaper than other options. They do 0% finance too. DH would honestly buy it tomorrow. I have to say the sales/service was great... the best of the lot by a mile.

Then we tried the Touran, and I fell in love. Really like the minimal, no-nonsense styling - it's not trying to be something it's not. Really solid, rooted to the road drive - drove the diesel and it was quiet and as smooth as butter. Really spacious interior. Rear-most two seats a bit smaller than the Verso, and a bit more of a palarver to get to, but we wouldn't be using them THAT often, and when sat in them you could see out really nicely and there was room enough for me to sit comfortably (although I am, admittedly, a short-arse). DH thinks it's expensive. They're not offering 0%, but they do a hire-purchase where you put 30% down and then pay 0% on the rest over 2 years - which to my mind is almost the same... DH says not. I'm hoping to convince him on the fuel economy...

So, Verso vs.. Touran.

Who will offer me what odds?

GooseRocks Wed 20-Jun-12 14:54:48

Interesting. Verso looks small to me but obv not.

JarethTheGoblinKing Wed 20-Jun-12 15:23:59

Touran - definitely.

Did you know you can take out hte whole row of middle seats (or e.g. just the middle one to make getting into the back easier)

Fuel economy is OK - can get 500 miles out of a full tank (just!) with normal day-to-day driving - motorway loads better. If you're careful you can get 50mpg out of it. It really drives like it's on rails too.

Do a comparison on insurance - that might swing it. We saved money when we switched to the Touran, which I was surprised by!

designerbaby Thu 21-Jun-12 15:54:59

I know... I luff the Touran... But DH reckons what the financing ans stuff there's a 4-5k difference in price (which is a lot of insurance/petrol/road tax)...

I suspect he's compiling a spreadsheet as we speak – how can I compete with that?

But thanks for the tip re: insurance... It will help a bit, I hope...


JarethTheGoblinKing Thu 21-Jun-12 17:08:05

Checked today and I get 40mpg on normal day-to-day driving, so very good for such a massive car.

WHo's going to be driving it the most? If you have it 70% of the time, then you should get 70% of the vote wink

designerbaby Thu 21-Jun-12 20:31:33

Jareth – That is very good... might help... dunno...

And while I use the car most, DH is the family finance Tzar... (which makes sense, he being a chartered accountant and being trained to manage money, and me being a chartered designer and thus trained to spend it...blush)

So it's less about who has custody of the car, and more who has custody of the bank details...


JarethTheGoblinKing Thu 21-Jun-12 21:00:29

Balls... if you use it, you have the sway.

How about a VW Touran will keep its value a lot more than a Verso? grin
(and it will!)

sleepdodger Thu 21-Jun-12 21:38:12

We have a qashqai and love it

sleepdodger Thu 21-Jun-12 21:42:46

blush blush blush just realised I've answered twice without even noticing it was the same thread!!!

designerbaby Thu 21-Jun-12 21:52:54

Hi sleepdodger - don't be embarrassed, 'tis a slow moving thread grin.

We have, however, ruled out the Qashqai because of it only having 2.5 seats across the back rather than a proper 3 - we use this all the time, and wouldn't want to have to use the rear two that much due to the compromise on boot space.

Jareth, I have NO sway when it comes to money. Mostly I like it that way, (being well aware of my limitations in that regard,) but sometimes...

Trouble it, I'll now feel a bit dissatisfied with the Verso if we end up with one, which is a shame, because I've NEVER owned a new car before and was/am really excited about that...

Gah... We nearly didn't make it to the VW test drive, part of me wishes I hadn't gone, then I would have just been delighted with the new shiny Verso... But now I've gone and seen the Touran and driven the Touran... ah...



p.s. Aware I'm being a brat. Make no apologies for it as it's such a rare occurance... grin

poorbuthappy Thu 21-Jun-12 21:58:12

We have a 55 plate Touran which has been the main car for the last 3.5 years. Its great...but we are just about to scrap our other car and buy a 4 year old Galaxy so we can both take 3 kids and others out in both cars.

The Touran is great and very good value for money but, we struggle to do up all seat belts in the back (1 on a booster and 3 year old twins in full on seats) so we need slightly more width.
And I've wanted one since we shopped for the touran but couldn't afford 1. Now we can afford 1!

mankyscotslass Thu 21-Jun-12 22:01:31

We are squashed into a Mondeo at the moment, and hate it. sad

We had to sell our Ford Galaxy when DH was made redundant. We lurved it. sad

Before that we had a Renault Grande Scenic - cost us a fortune in repairs. angry

We sometimes have use of DM's Foird SMax, and are really impressed - would prefer it with sliding doors though. DHsay it is speedy, nice to drive and comfortable to drive in.

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