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Touran or Sharan?

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fatsatsuma Tue 28-Feb-12 22:27:04

We love the space and comfort in the Sharan, and the sliding doors grin but we're not totally convinced we need quite such a big car. We do have 3 DCs, including 2 teenagers, so a proper 7 seater might be good.

I know the Touran is smaller, but is it really that much smaller? Does the Sharan drive and park like a tank. We test drove one today and really liked it, but didn't get to have a go at parking or reverse through our narrow gate...I know there's park assist but prob too expensive for us.

Any advice from VW owners gratefully received.

flagnogbagnog Fri 02-Mar-12 22:37:06

We have a touran and we really do love it. Have 3 small dc's though. If I could afford a sharan we'd definitely upgrade. I would love the extra space but then again I'm always lugging a pram etc around.

Gigondas Sat 03-Mar-12 07:48:01

You buy via someone like broadspeed . They then hunt round the country to
Find dealer who will offer car you want at best price. You save loads that way

fatsatsuma Sat 03-Mar-12 08:49:35

Aha, yes, we were planning to look into one of these companies so that's good to know.

Gigondas Sat 03-Mar-12 08:54:16

Bought this one and it's predecessor (also a Vw) from them and they were great. Also
Usually deliver to you door

fatsatsuma Sat 03-Mar-12 09:40:02

Brilliant, will look into it. Thnx.

fatsatsuma Sat 03-Mar-12 09:58:11

Thing is, we're not looking to buy a new car. Our budget is prob about 7k less than you paid for yours. We want
the new style sharan, and we could get a small petrol engine without any extras for that, but we're after diesel plus park assist.

We got our last car secondhand from a nationwide company a bit like broadspeed, so we'll see what they can find for us. Ever hopeful smile

Lulumush Thu 07-Feb-13 21:00:54

Hi all - reading this with interest - I'm a single mum with six month old twins and a Golf shock and need a bigger car. Also have a cocker spaniel who goes most places with us. Was thinking of getting an estate but having read this and done some more research, I am leaning towards getting a people carrier.
Can anyone advise difference between the Sharan which sounds fab and a friend also has and loves, and the Ford SMax (which another friend has, and lobs)?
I know nothing about cars.....
Thank you!

Lulumush Thu 07-Feb-13 21:01:44

Lobs = loves smile

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