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Will I fit 3 car seats in the back of a range rover sport or Audi q7?

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rogersmellyonthetelly Fri 26-Aug-11 18:08:33

have 2dc at the moment, will be changing my car shortly and we are planning to ttc no3 starting next month, and I don't want to have the hassle of changing car when no3 (hopefully) arrives.
I have 2 high back boosters for dc 1&2 who are 5 and 7, not keen to switch to ordinary boosters as they are still tiny and need the support as they often fall asleep in the car.
I do need a 4x4 as I have a horse and am regularly off road, but not extreme off road, just the odd field/cart track. I also need a large boot to fit saddle/dog cage/pushchair although not all at the same time.
Have looked at both the q7 and the range rover, prefer the range rover if I'm honest, but does anyone have either and know if 2 high backs and an infant seat will fit in?

PerryCombover Sat 27-Aug-11 02:40:39

I had a range rover sport and changed it for a smax to fit three child seats across the back

Solo Sat 27-Aug-11 02:53:13

A Range Rover is a big vehicle isn't it? I have a Picasso and can fit two high back boosters and a baby/infant seat in that, which is a lot smaller than my friends RR.

rogersmellyonthetelly Sat 27-Aug-11 08:45:19

The rr is big but I've found that the angle of the sides of the box and the size of the doors on what seems like a huge car can sometimes mean that the high backs tilt inwards meaning the kids can't fasten the seat belts and the space between them is too small to fit a third seat. You certainly can't fit anything except a very small adult in the middle seat of the kuga I have at the moment, and three car seats do fit but you have to lift them up to find the seatbelt fastenings under the sides of the seat to fasten them, which isn't ideal and something I can't be doing every time I get in the car with the kids.
People carrier is the answer to the three car seats issue, but it won't go off road like I need it to, have grounded my old renault scenic a few times and the suspension needed doing far too often!

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