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Car doofus needs help

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SarfEasticated Sun 12-Jun-11 17:24:41

We will need a small car to drive dd 3.5yrs to and from nursery, go to the supermarket and nip up the M4 every now and then. No real need to lots of boot space as only small folding buggy.
I have a bit a penchant for Golfs but last time I had a car was about 10 years ago, so not sure about newer makes/hybrids etc. Something economical would be good too. Neither DH or I are particularly practical, so maybe a new car would be more reliable/good for regular services.
Thanks in advance for all your help - i know I'm asking a lot of you.

shavmcv Sun 12-Jun-11 20:52:12

i had the citroen c1 it was brill !! its small and it is low emissions so its only £20pa road tax and very cheap petrol . i have one dd age 6 and it was perfect for just having her . planning on trying again in a few months so got a fiesta so i had more space as the c1 wouldnt fit a pram in boot and only has to back seats but other than that its brill i was a bit gutted to give it up to be honest !!!!

hope this helps !!!

SarfEasticated Tue 14-Jun-11 07:29:13

Thanks shavmcv - will look into that - sounds ideal. I'm wondering if there is a good website that'll give me a rough idea of how much a car should cost, and how much road tax/insurance would be...

shavmcv Tue 14-Jun-11 16:50:01

The road tax is £20 per year . Obviously everyone is different for insurance but it will not be much .

I think they start of at around £7k brand new but you will get one a few years old for as little as £3k !! Just remember to watch your milage etc !

Let me know if you find one smile

EsmeWeatherwax Tue 14-Jun-11 16:56:48

Try for reviews, they also have good running cost breakdowns, and tax bracket information. Sorry, can't do proper link cos posting from my phone.

Poledra Tue 14-Jun-11 16:59:16

Get thee to Parkers or Glass's for some information on insurance, road tax etc.

SarfEasticated Tue 14-Jun-11 18:19:34

Thank you ladies smile

wonkylegs Tue 14-Jun-11 18:39:31

I can highly recommend a Toyota yaris , I've got an old style one from new (55reg), I've not had any problems with it, v v reliable I bash it around a bit to as I drive it for work so it's been on and off a far few building sites (and I've only manage to ruin the tires, tire + nail = sadblush) it's incredibly reliable (confirmed by recovery guy changing my flat tire who said thats all he ever gets called out for with them) tiny but very clever with space (boot can be adjusted in size v v clever, loads of underseat storage etc so can get my bugaboo in back fine, ditto no probs with the massive car seat for DS, it's not a bad drive for a small car with a small engine , it's very light so doesn't feel under powered but due to small engine size it's cheap to run and I believe the new ones are even cheaper to tax than mine as they've made the emissions better
5 door is easier with kids and retains value better
Sorry for enthusing so much but I love mine and will be sorely gutted when I have to get a bigger car (not so keen on larger toyotas, just not sexy interesting enoughwink)
Hope you find something you like...btw I was going to buy a golf til I started looking grin

craftynclothy Tue 14-Jun-11 18:50:15

We had a Fiesta for a few years and recently changed to a Fusion (essentially an estate version of the fiesta but same price for road tax £30 pa - has more boot space though). We've always been happy with Fords. Both are/were diesels, hence the low road tax.

SulphurMan Tue 28-Jun-11 19:22:12


SarfEasticated Tue 28-Jun-11 20:21:24

Sorry SM just saw your reply - not sure about budget - modest I would say, but we could put down about £3k lump some and then pay £100 a month. Would also consider leasing or similar if a hassle free way of getting a fully maintained car

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