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VW Sharan - Integral Child Seats

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NoBrainer Thu 02-Jun-11 00:42:54

Does anyone have a new style Sharan (2010/2011) with the integrated child seats? I was just wondering if they are worth having. We are going to buy a new Sharan (very excited grin) and are looking at what options to have. We've decided to go for the electric sliding doors as I think this will be useful and park assist as I'm sure it'll be a beast to park otherwise. But hubbie & I can't agree on the integral Child Seats, he thinks we shouldn't bother but I think they sound fab! Only downside I guess is if they get dirty you can't clean them as easily as a normal child's car seat that comes out.

Any thoughts?

SulphurMan Tue 28-Jun-11 19:11:36

We have a new Sharan. We haven't got the integrated child seat(s) and we don't miss them. I think a good quality seat with isofix is a better way to spend the money. The Recaro Monza seatfix is cheaper and more comfortable. The reasoning behind my advice is the fact that your kids will want to sit in the back at some point - or you will want to put them there, and the new Sharan has isofix points on all 5 rear seats - so a movable seat is more logical. We do have the sun blinds in the rear side doors which are worth the money.

We have an automatic SE, the options we have are: Electric doors, park assist, rear 65% tinted glass, silver roofrails and sunblinds in rear doors. We looked at the more expensive model (SEL) but a lot of the toys are not needed as the SE plus these options has the best mix of features & value in my opinion. One thing we did have fitted was the RNS510 sat nav, which is a great bit of kit.

Park assist will also get you out of a space it got you into - which is brilliant!

thisisyesterday Tue 28-Jun-11 19:17:24

i would rather purchase the best seats i could than use integral ones which may not be as safe as others you could get....

no use if you need to travel in anyone else's car either.

gloriaypeter Sun 07-Aug-11 14:33:55

Hi, We are getting a new model Sharan with integrated Car seats, our youngest is 21 months, would anyone know what age / weight the intregrated seats are suitable for ? thanks

NoBrainer Mon 08-Aug-11 22:52:05

Well I decided to go for the integrated seats after all! However gloriaypeter I think they are probably for older children say 3.5+ as they are the equivalent of a booster seat with back. There's no 5 point seat harness to my knowledge. My 4 & 6 year olds will be in them, but I'll be keeping my 1 year old in his forward facing baby seat in the middle of his brothers until he's 3 at least. Hopefully taking delivery of the car next month smile

gloriaypeter Thu 11-Aug-11 05:35:32

ok thanks so much for letting me know, i'm sure they will be good to have at some point !

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