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Will a Bugaboo Cameleon fit in the back of a Fiat 500?

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citymonkey Mon 18-Apr-11 13:37:47

We have one, love it and want to keep it but want am curious to know whether a Cameleon will fit in the back? First baby..

rogersmellyonthetelly Fri 26-Aug-11 20:28:56

Take it to mother care and they will probably let you try as long as its not a saturday. I did fit mine comfortably in the boot of my sisters ford ka which has a rather pointless boot space, but I did have to take back wheels off and flatten the carrycot to get it in. The cameleon looks quite big when it's up, but folded down I found it very compact as the frame folds almost flat, as does the seat and the bumper bar and wheels can be taken off to make it even smaller.

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