Ford C Max & Maxi Cosi Isofix

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KATC2010 Thu 07-Apr-11 07:44:08

Hi we have recently sold our car and are now looking to replace it - probably with a Ford C Max. However, it appears as though Maxi Cosi Isofix seats are not compatible with the C Max. We currently have a Maxi Cosi Priorifix XP for DS (3yrs old) so I suppose that will have to be changed soon anyway but for DD (4 mths) we have the maxi cosi cabriofix on a family fix base and was hoping then to put a pearl on this when she outgrows cabriofix. Also, as the cabriofix fits on the icandy pram wheels there would be considerable expenditure if we had to change the car seats! Any advice/ experience of these issues greatly appreciated! TIA!

KATC2010 Thu 07-Apr-11 07:49:34

Sorry just noticed I put Priorifix XP but is just Priorifix!

nocake Thu 07-Apr-11 08:12:25

Assuming it's a newer C Max with isofix then the seat will fit. I think you need to remove the false floor so the support leg rests on the steel floor, rather than on top of the storage box. It's worth checking how to do this before you buy it though.

KATC2010 Sat 09-Apr-11 22:10:22

Thanks! Am going to look at one tomorrow, fingers crossed!

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