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3 Carseats in middle row of new smax - what configuration?

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preghead Fri 14-Jan-11 16:38:59

ok so we have established that 3 carseats will easily fit in the middle row of an smax, which is great. I have a 6y old, 3y old and new baby so have to accomodate high back booster, a stage 1 and an infant carrier. The booster and stage 1 are isofix. Our old model one only had isofix on the outer 2 seats but i was amazed to find the new one has all three. So in theory i can put the 3 seats in any configuration?

what have other people found works best? I was expecting to have to put the older ones at either side and the infant carrier in the middle which would be best for stopping the older 2 hittig each other and there is room to reach the baby still. But is the middle the safest place for a non-isofix baby carrier? Should I get an isofix one? (would have done, if had known). And how the hell do you access the rear setas for occasional playdates etc if teh outer 2 middle row have big carseats on them? Do they still slide?

traceybath Fri 14-Jan-11 16:40:52

I had similar and had oldest in the middle as he could do his own carseat and baby and toddler on the outside.

I thought the baby shouldn't be in the middle but can't remember why.

preghead Fri 14-Jan-11 16:44:28

oooh I hadn't thought of that! was going to put toddler or baby in middle. Yes I too am worrying about baby in middle but am wondering if it is ok in an isofix baby seat.

Sam100 Fri 14-Jan-11 16:45:25

Same as Tracey - only cos you will give yourself backache trying to strap the baby into the middle and if you put 3 year old in the middle they are liable to accidentally whack baby/feed it inappropriate items! Also means you can access the rear seats before you put the baby in. By the time baby needs stage 1 seat you should be able to move on to a simple booster for older child.

Will all change though when your 6 year old gets taller as then you won't be able to see out the back and will have to put middle in the middle!

preghead Fri 14-Jan-11 17:23:20

thank you ladies for sorting my life out! Will try it out tommorrow! Also damn good point about separating 3y old and baby - he tried to feed him nutella on toast this morning .....

castleonthehill Fri 14-Jan-11 19:17:38

put the high back in the middle and the baby the side that the high back straps in. that way should be easy to for the six year old to strap in.

You can then get into the third row that side or just let extra children in through the boot.

I tend to only put high backs or baby caries in the third row as I can strap high backs in through the gap inbween the seats (i had a grand c4) not sure if there is a gap in yours and can do a baby seat if only one seat up.

The only reason for not putting a baby in middle is your back. I did once have a britax first class in the middle the 18mth child climbed in so it was really easy.

PorkChopSter Fri 14-Jan-11 19:29:06

Put the ones you need to do the straps up on the edges.

Unfortunately if they are "fixed" in you'll have trouble getting to the back two seats. I usually have two high backs in the boot, then in middle row: 1st seat down, middle seat stage one and window seat stage 0

Flame Fri 14-Jan-11 19:31:28

I have to regularly shuffle mine round depending on baby protection vs bigger two killing each other.

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