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Best van for family of 7 - not a MPV as they are all too small!!!

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zazas Sat 20-Nov-10 20:59:37

Any suggestions? We are a family of seven with some of the kids nearing their teens and so are needing more space for those long legs. Looking for a van rather than a MPV (have the Grand Espace now) as we sometimes also carry bikes / skis etc etc etc

Like the VM Transporter but any other ideas...


FrumpyPumpy Sat 20-Nov-10 21:08:24

We have a transporter (had several over many yes) and like it very much. Can't comment on any others but would recommend transporter.

LargeGlassofRed Sat 20-Nov-10 21:11:16

I've got a toyota hiace regius, japanese import 8 seats and large boot, I love it!

mumo75 Sat 04-Dec-10 23:35:09

vw transporter ive got the lwb 9 seater--best car i ever bought

fantastic weve carried 9 big rugby players in it & all had plenty of room,no complaints!!!

weve had bikes,double buggies,wheelchairs,furniture etc in it too
and its coping brilliantly---can you see i love it grin

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