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Need a new little car

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choufleur Thu 18-Nov-10 19:36:08

We've got a Renault Scenic and need to get a second little car. Having looked round quite like the Suzuki Alto and Ford KA

Pros for the Alto seem to be:
- no VAT at the moment
- can have 5 doors
- tiddly little engine so less petrol

Pros for the KA:
- seems bigger inside
- more boot space

Any thoughts?

OldLadyKnowsNothing Fri 19-Nov-10 02:27:21

Haven't driven an Alto so can't comment, but I was utterly biased against the Ka because of it's name. (Am a Scot who rolls her "r"s, so the name offended; yes, I know I'm weird.grin )

However, looking to hire a cheap car while mine was in the garage, I ended up with a Ka and was actually impressed, even with the basic model I hired. Nippier than I'd expected, and roomier too (and not as tinny as I'd thought.)

I guess it depends on what's most important to you. I was only transporting myself to work.

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