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Beetle convertible - dish the dirt please!

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Billster Wed 29-Sep-10 16:31:24

I am in love with a beetle convertible and as approaching 40 and having been sensible all my life I feel like indulging. Before I take the plunge is there anything I should know? How cold is it in one in the winter with the roof up? Does it have any niggly problems that would make you think twice about buying?


Snorbs Wed 29-Sep-10 16:57:26

A friend of mine had one and she loved it. It was a very sweet car. It's very well built so it should last - I don't recall her having any real problems with it - and it's got a good heater so it warms up quickly. It's not too blowy with the roof down either.

The big problem for my friend was practicality. Once she had her DD she had to get rid of the Beetle as she just couldn't fit a pushchair in the boot - it's tiny. The back seats are really only suitable for kids, too, as they're too cramped for most adults. Think of it more as a two-seater with a couple of extra seats in the back for emergencies.

If you can live with the practicality limitations then they're a pretty safe buy. I wouldn't buy a new one as there is a new model Beetle coming out in the next year so that will affect resale values of the current model. Second-hand should be fine though.

chicaguapa Sat 16-Oct-10 08:13:03

I want one too but wondering if it'll be big enough to fit DC in for school run? The 3 doors concerns me too as I don't know if I'll find that annoying. Need to go and see one really.

MissGigggles Wed 10-Nov-10 12:47:52


I have a Beige Beetle with beige convertible hood, and i absolutely love it!! Have had it for 5 years, from new, and have never had any issues with it.

However, now i married and pregnant i am looking to sell it as practically for a baby i dont think it will be very good.

The boot is small no way enough room for a pram or anything. Three doors isnt too much of an issue - i often have to strap the dog into the back seat, and it never has bothered me - pleanty room for a couple of kids in the back, however, not sure hiw well car seats would fit in.

I would happily buy one again and recommend to others from a no issues with the car and loveability point of view, but not super practical for families.

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