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anyone with parents/grandparents with dementia? does this sound familiar?

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JaceyBee Thu 29-Jan-09 13:19:12

Hi, wasn't quite sure where to post this but my v.elderly nan (96) has recently been really ill wil a chest infection which didn't go for ages.

My mum then noticed that her mouth was all droopy on one side and she wasn't speaking properly, it is ok now though. Since that weekend she has become really confused, she can't get her head around things like days of the week and dates, it's my dd's b'day on 20th Feb but she keeps insisting it's this friday and gets agitated when I tell her it is on A friday just not this friday. The concept of it being January, then February, then March is totally foreign to her, she keeps saying "it's all new to me this". I received a card for dd this morning but she has not written in it.

She is also really wobbly and fell over when I was there yesterday. She just wants to sleep all the time but doesn't seem depressed, just tired and not quite all there if you know what I mean.

She has also become a bit suspicious of people and their motives, accused my mum of trying to con her the other day! She has always been a bit like this though I suppose.

We thought she may have had a TIA, she has v. high blood pressure too, but do these other symptoms suggest the onset of alzheimers or dementia? I know she is properly old but she seemed fine until the last couple of weeks, lives independently, gets out and about and seemed to have all her marbles. Is it typical of dementia to come on so quickly?

Am taking her to GP next week but was curious to know about others experiences as really don't know how to handle this. My mum lives in another town so will probably be down to me to take control of this and I'm feeling a bit out of my depth. Sorry it's so long, any response would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

kitkatqueen Thu 29-Jan-09 14:15:38

Hiya -my nan made it to 97- This sounds much like her behaviour in the last couple of years. At times very lucid just like her old self -at times accusing people of robbing her to others so convincingly( she believed it)that they called the police. She was originally living in her own home, we got home help in 3 times a day as she didn't want to leave.She would be happy while the carer was there and then as soon as they left she would start ringing people. Having called someone she would forget she had rung them and ring again - v poor short term memory! on one day I received 76 phone calls - my aunt 52 my mum 15. One night she rang me and was completely lucid, she suddenly remembered facts previously forgotten. She begged me to put her in a home nearby to us so she would have company. I promised I would but had to go behind my mums back because she had promised in 1960ish that she wouldn't put her in a home and couldn't accept nan could have changed her mind.

It was a very long road. My nan got v sick v fast and although she had periods of lucidity - meeting her great grandson about a week before she died and becoming herself while she held him.sad

she never really got better.

With your relative I am surprised that she hasn't been seen already - to me is seems she may have had a mild stroke or bizarrley as it may seem she may have a uti, uti's in old folk can cause hallucinations - loss of balance confusion and blacking out. If it was uti she needs to be seen v fast - also for folk of this age docs usually come out with only a small amount of prompting.

Don't leave this till next week, there are too many possibilities as to the cause of the change in her. Ring gp today and either have him come to her and make sure u are there to cover all the bases or get an appt and take her in ( and go in with her! ).

good luck

Squitch Thu 29-Jan-09 21:43:44

I would get her checked for a UTI too. It is apparently the most common cause of confusion in the elderly and causes loss of balance too. Get the Dr out to her asap, hopefully a course of antibiotics will sort it out. Good luck

cmotdibbler Thu 29-Jan-09 21:45:48

That sounds like a TIA or a small stroke as its come on so quickly

2blessed2bstressed Wed 03-Nov-10 13:53:14

My first thought is that she may have had a stroke - that would explain the facial drooping you describe. Next on my checklist would be a UTI.
Either way, she needs to be seen by Dr as soon as you can arrange it.

2blessed2bstressed Wed 03-Nov-10 13:56:09

just noticed date at top of post blush. Guess things aren't as fast moving round here as they are on AIBU!

maltesers Mon 17-Jan-11 19:28:00

JaceyBee your mum sound just like mine. My mum is getting confused, forgetful, and can be aggressive. . .verbally and physically. She has always been a bit like that but we are getting more of the same. . .the worst character traits. My sis and I are keeping an eye on her, especially me as my Dad is very ill in hospital, which has made her confusion worse. She is still independent thank god. She is ok to be left on her own, but I do wonder what she gets up to.

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