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Doctors just don't care!

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Ripeberry Sun 24-Aug-08 21:47:07

Went to visit my mum yesterday evening.
She was downstairs and got up to see me and my dad started to tell her to pull up her trousers, then we knew why they were sagging.
She had wet herself again.
The leather sofa she sits on has a big hole in it and it stinks but dad has no other place for her to sit that she can get up from easily.
The doctor came the day before, he did not ask anything about mum's continence there was no way he could not notice the smell and her wet clothes, then he asked my dad, why mum has her mouth open all the time.
Dad just said that it's due to the medication, the Doctor said that the meds would not cause that.
My Dad just said to him "Well it was you that said it" 5 months ago.
He did not even go into what could be causing it.
Makes me wonder more and more if my mum has had loads of mini strokes or something.
We have been waiting for almost 1yr for a scan but they keep putting it off.
Crap, crap doctors and it does not help that the surgery keeps changing it's staff.
Just wish they would register with another surgery closer to their home.

Beauregard Sun 24-Aug-08 21:50:22

Your poor mum
Doctor sounds very switched off tbh
Can you complain the practice manager?

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 24-Aug-08 21:50:39


can you ask for a referral to the continence clinic, or get her to see the practice nurse who may be able to refer/offer advice?

So sorry for you all

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