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Carer for Asperers Syndrome child

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myhandle Sat 02-Aug-08 01:31:38

Hello, is there anyone here who has a child with Aspergers Syndrome who has withdrawn from the world, my son age 16 withdrew from the outside world at age 14 and has had no education, no fresh air in his lungs and no exercise and no one seems to give a damn about him or me who has to stay at home with him except to go to the shops once a day.

He has genius level IQ but can turn on spin of a sixpence and be very aggressive, his diet is very restricted depending on his mood and his hygiene is offensive and a battle ground (quit fecking nagging, says he after me asking him for 6 weeks to get in shower)

Does anyone else have the same, any tips or advice for staying sane whilst the world spins and I am no longer part of it, please help.

amber32002 Sat 02-Aug-08 13:03:26

What a situation for you...not easy at all. Are you in contact with the local autism charity? There's a list available through the National Autistic Society which will also have details of any local support services for parents in your situation so you can talk with others, or further support for your son?

As someone with Asperger syndrome, I know how much I've wanted to withdraw from the world, but it sounds like your son really is having a very, very tough time of this (and so are you) and needs some help to get out of the depression and withdrawal.

Have you also tried the special needs board on mumsnet? Loads of parents on there with children with Asperger syndrome who might also have ideas?

myhandle Sat 02-Aug-08 18:56:07

Thank you Amber I will try that board now xx

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