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Carers Allowance - Help Please !

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TakeMeHome Thu 31-Jul-08 19:24:11

Hope someone can help with this question.

I want to start claiming CA from 1st July, and I fulfil all the criteria for doing so.

Only problem is - my last payslip (for month of June, as I'm paid a month in arrears) is for over the £411 allowance (as I had different hours then), and you have to declare this wage on the application form.

From the 1st July, I have been working reduced hours so my wage will come under £411.

The question is, shall I apply now and try to explain why my wages appear more than the allowance and risk them turning me down and having to appeal? Or shall I apply at the end of August when I have received my July payslip?

Does anyone have any experience of how they are about problems like this??

Well done if you read this far !!
Thanks for your help.

wolfjane Thu 31-Jul-08 21:31:08

it will be fine, they will take this into account, they may just adjust the amount you get if you get back-pay. I had to send in three months pay slips and proof of wages for a year anyway.

TakeMeHome Thu 31-Jul-08 23:02:56

Thanks wolfjane - good to know !

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