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Applying for pension on behalf of confused mum, who's divorced and its messy! help!

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scarlettskye Sun 13-Jul-08 14:06:39

NOt sure if anyone can give me some help and guidance but I am applying for mum's pension for her - she's 60 in August.

she divorced my dad in 2004 and it was quite a messy split.
the pension paperwork is asking for his NI number which I can't find any records of in her home. also I need the decree nici which she's lost!

also (!) I need to find out the office where her marriage was registered back in 1968 and all i know is the name of the church (some 100 miles from here)

has anyone had any experience of trying to sort all of this out before? am struggling with the 4 kids to deal wiht too - help!

littlepinkpixie Sun 13-Jul-08 14:10:05

My mum was in a similar situation. She contacted the relevant people and explained, and they said they didnt need the NI number after all, they could proceed without it.

Maybe you could phone the church or minister and ask them where their weddings are registered (or where they were in 1968)?

scarlettskye Sun 13-Jul-08 15:19:15

Thank you, that's a relief about the NI number. I'll write them a letter to say the same.
have just found a copy of the decree absolute but need the original apparantly, grrr!

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