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interviewing live-in carer for elderly parents, what questions to ask, what pitfalls to avoid?

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dolally Mon 04-Feb-08 17:07:58

has any one done this? Any advice?

Thanks in advance.

bubblagirl Mon 04-Feb-08 17:16:42

you need to think of what sort of person they would get on with

drinker,smoker hobbies friends likely to come round obviously make sure cab check has been done

i wasnt a live in carer but did caring work

you dont want them too young as probably be less interested not in all cases but younger ones tend to want more time to them selves

make sure you set your needs hours what needs to be done with no comprimising if it'll affect your parents

they need to feel comfortable with who is looking after them so maybe give a few days trial on each and see how they get on as there personalities may clash

find what they can and cant do or what they are not willing to do or able to do

write a list of your parents needs and then work out what the level of care is needed and you would know by looking if somone is physically able to do it

not really sure on what else as i worked within a home but hope this helps in some way xx

leedslassy Mon 04-Feb-08 17:24:29

up to date CRB check?
references - and check them out!!

bubblagirl Mon 04-Feb-08 17:30:30

oops thats what i meant not cab lol

bubblagirl Mon 04-Feb-08 17:31:32

yes agree with the lots of references and dont just take whats on paper dont be afraid to actually contact them and find out for your self

dolally Wed 06-Feb-08 20:43:51

thanks a lot, really helps to focus on how to approach it.

What is cab by the way?

Beauregard Wed 06-Feb-08 20:49:30

I work in care but have never done live in work.

The most important things i would say would be a recent CRB check (if not are they prepared to have one done?)and good factual references.

Re the questions i would ask about experience obviously but also what it is about care work that the person enjoys.

KatyMac Wed 06-Feb-08 20:52:10

Also never let them be in a position where their honesty can be questioned

My Nana often accused her carers of stealing but as her carer always kept receipts/only had a limited amount of money/ there was an inventory of the house meant the carer was always seen to be honest (iyswim) there was never any doubt

Eve34 Wed 06-Feb-08 21:09:52

Are you doing this through direct payments/individual budgets? Do you have a social worker involved for support?

ASk why they want a live in position - how they think they are going to manage being 'on call' 24 hours a day.
Are they ok with personal care tasks.
Do they understand the needs of your parents - do they have a specific illnes for example Parkinsons etc
Are they prepared to go on coursese/training as needed.
What is there understanding of the issues of needing this sort of care - for example feeling of helplessness, lack of dignity etc etc and how might they help your parents overcome these feelings......

will keep thinking.

dolally Thu 07-Feb-08 20:48:06

god, amazing inspiration here.


louisecares Wed 04-Feb-09 23:58:38

hi to all i thought i could help in this area as i have been doing care work for the past 7 years and live-in for the past 2 years.

you say that young carers are not as good well i strongly disagree well i would as im only 24.

in my experience the older generation like younger carers so they can tell us of all there life experience giveing the person reason to talk about there past.

i have found that the people i care for enjoy teaching me about things it gives them something to think about ,also they like to hear what we have been doing what shops i have been to ,what i have done for fun.

people also seem to like laughter in there house and and the buzz of happyness.

anyway key things you need to ask your potential carer.

do you have an up to date crb check ?
ask for 2 refrencess atleast ?
ask them what there understanding is on (lets say dementia care or using a hoist what ever the need the person has to be cared for)
ask what previouse experience they have ?
any formal training ?
are they comfortable with personal care ?
happy to clean ?
happy to cook ?
willing to get up in the night ?
are they happy to do a one week trial run ?
why do they want to be a carer ?
ask about there interests (its a good way to get to know a person )
look at how the carer is behaving is he/she talking to the person who needs the care or you ?
be clear about rate of pay from the start .

try not to judge a carer by there weight,gender or age get to know them the best you can.

look for a person with good spoken english.
also ask if they are registered as self employeed if thats the route you are taking.
do they have there own means of travel ?
make up a senario and ask the carer what she would do for example. (a person with dementia)
my dad starts to pack a bag and says he is going home (when he is home) what would you do ?
are you happy to travel with dad if needed ?

allso get the carer to work a week i hand that way the carer is far less likely to just walk out and leave with no notice.

one more thing on the being young side of things ,the people i have been working with asked me to build them a snow man which gave them such pleasure but i cant say my body liked it much lol but people do enjoy youth in there home .

i hope i have helped if i think of anything else i will post again and just so you know im an available carer x

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