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Adult Nappies

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Dodaday Wed 10-Oct-07 14:32:53

My dad's got bladder problems, particularly at night, and my mum's at her wits end. I want to do everything I can to help her. It's bad enough having my own two children still in nappies, without having to worry about the other end of the age spectrum. Without wanting to be funny, it seems we start off life in nappies, and end up in them. I'm wondering whether anyone can recommend a good (and cheap) adult night nappy that can cope with a heavy output of urine?

NomDeBroomstick Wed 10-Oct-07 14:34:18

Are nappies available on the NHS ? I know we have a continence team at our local hospital, do you have anything like that in your area ?

Dodaday Wed 10-Oct-07 14:53:20

Oh, I don't know. I think the GP and local NHS have been very helpful, but according to my mum the incontinence pads/nappies she's got have'nt been very good. The problem is I live in the South East and my parents are in Dorset, so it's all very difficult with communication and travelling etc. I thought I could help out by buying some decent nappies from somewhere. Thanks anyway, I'll suggest mum takes it up with the GP/NHS, but I suspect I'll end up having to do it or get involved somewhere along the line!

Ripeberry Wed 10-Oct-07 16:04:33

Hi, i'm a home carer and see loads of different types of adult incontenence pads and pull-up nappy types.#
With a man maybe a pull-up may be best and maybe have a disposable changing mat on the bed.
Best to contact your GP and get them to refer him to an incontinence nurse.
There are loads of products but some can be quite expensive but you can buy in bulk (but not sure where)
Sorry if i've not been much help.

CappuScreamO Wed 10-Oct-07 16:06:40

the minki lady will make them

Ripeberry Wed 10-Oct-07 16:06:59

Just to add, if his output is that high and he can't get to a commode, he may have to have a convene (which is like an external catherter).

slowlane Fri 07-Mar-08 16:02:10

You need to speak to the district nurse at your GP's surgery and she'll come to do an assessment and can get the incontinence aids for free for you.

AdultNappies Fri 08-Aug-08 06:31:24

I know if you're in Australia there are a couple of good places online you can buy Adult Nappies. The 2 places i've used are - and Bm Healthcare are really discreet, and get them to you pretty quick. They're actually based in South East Queeensland.

jimjamshaslefttheyurt Fri 08-Aug-08 07:24:48

Ask on special needs (although I agree that the district nurse if the first person to approach), but lots of us have older children/grown up children in nappies there

LargeGlassofRed Fri 08-Aug-08 07:34:05

second for convene, I use it at work.

Its like a condom with a tube at the end which collects the urine in a bag.

Also with this you don't get the odour problems and risk of skin problems.

If you ring up your dads surgery the nurse should be able to refer your dad to the continence service.

buzzyB Sun 24-Aug-08 15:03:35

Services vary in different parts of the country but generally any health or social care profesional should be able to make a referal to the continencenurse for you. As a social worker working with people with physical disabilities I did this on a number of occassions for service users. A GP may well pass you on to the practice nurse.

As for costs, I suspect that you may be asked to make a contributution to the cost of any aids provided but this will be dependant on your means (income, savings etc)

Hope you have the problem sorted by now or if not that this is of help to you. wink

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