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june2007 Mon 16-Nov-20 20:24:10

If I were from the council I would first ask, why can,t you private rent in the county if you already private rent? And why should the council give you the council house when you already have a place to live? (I understand the latter but think what council would think.)

Factorywork Wed 02-Sep-20 19:28:26


My husband is having tests for heart disease and it is looking likely he will be diagnosed with heart failure (his age, chain smoking and he’s had a stroke, fingers crossed he doesn’t but I’m preparing for the worst case scenario!) his mobility is has been on the decline for the past few months, he’s getting more breathless etc.

We currently live in a private rented house and I am the main earner. We do not have any relatives living near us and we both do not drive. We have to take three different buses to the hospital which is not ideal and totals over two hours travelling time.

Would we be able to register for council accommodation in the county that our family lives in? As the hospital is closer and we can have more support for his medical needs? I also have a disability.

Sorry for the long post trying not to drip feed!

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