Carers back date payment?

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TaniaL Thu 12-Dec-19 00:45:40

Hi all! Awarded my carers from 28/10 I am currently in receipt of income support too. I recieved the letter telling me payment will be in my account around 15th. I have just checked my bank and it says dwp CA and there is £10. I know you get a Christmas bonus when getting carers allowance but according to Gov website it would show as DWP XB . So question is is that my backdated pay?! Surely it cant be right?? Can some one reassure me please If they have a Christmas bonus and it's been pays with DWP CA and NOT DWP XB thanks smile x

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JenniferM1989 Thu 12-Dec-19 01:29:13

I would say it's the Christmas bonus as it's not the 15th yet and if you're being backdated from 28/10, your payment will be about 6/7 weeks worth and not just £10? Seems coincidental that the Christmas bonus is £10 and it's also the week they give the bonus so I would relax and assume it is that. You should expect your backdated carers allowance to go in on Friday or Monday. If it's meant to be the 15th, it should be this Friday that it's paid in

TaniaL Thu 12-Dec-19 01:39:41

Thankyou very much hun I was just confused as it says DWP CA and not DWP XB x

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